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  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    This is a bummer if true, but I find it difficult to think that Apple will completely abandon their wifi equipment, it is after all the apple rug that ties the apple room together.
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  • New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models arrive at select Apple stores

    spheric said:
    You guys done yet?
  • New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models arrive at select Apple stores

    macwhat said:
    macwhat said:
    Hey, AI, you need to step in and get rid of these fucking trolls, they are ruining this site very quickly, just as happened at MacRumors. Please do something, this thread is a perfect example of some people that need to be shown the door, and quick, lest you turn off all your other long term members who will inevitably grow tired of the trolls and their sycophantic juvenile followers and go elsewhere. Please, the internet has enough MacRumors forums, protect this one and do it quick!

    edit: maybe impose some rules, such that if your dislikes exceed your likes, all posts are held for moderation, and if you post something negative within your first few posts, you are banned permanently, or if you rack up x number of dislikes within x number of your first posts, you are banned. Rules like that seem reasonable, and if the trolls can't abide, they can go elsewhere, it's not as if they're going to be clicking on the ads on this site anyway, your advertisers won't miss them.
    williamlondon your reply to any dissenting view on Apple is to "ban new users"?  I am a new poster to AI, but have been an avid reader for years. Nice touch with your explicit language, truly earns everyone's respect.  Did you grow up in a country where opposing views are banned?  That would certainly change this "discussion board" to a cheerleader board.  Perhaps you should start your own site to do that and continue living in a bubble. 

    I was disappointed with the supply constraints post launch on a new MBP.  I don't recall a time under Steve's watch when Apple introduced a computer that was not almost immediately available in stores and online post-Keynote.  ~3 weeks until they show up in stores?  and 4-5 weeks until shipping unless you ordered in the first few days?  Supply-chain is a vital part of any manufacturing business and this launch seems to show their current inefficiencies.  Perhaps a strategy to build even more demand, but that seems a little redundant as demand and sales to date are off the charts.  I actually drove to an Apple store following the keynote and would've have ordered one then and there had I been able to see it first-hand.  spending 2-3k sight unseen for a computer is not within my comfort zone. 

    In terms of your "thought-policing" you might consider giving that a rest, it immediately exposes your immature mental state and reactionary thoughtlessness.  Then again, feel free to start your own endeavor and scrub anything that doesn't match your ideology.  I'm sure it will be HUGE.
    It's funny when you talk about immaturity, actually more ironic, in that you seem to have no idea what discourse is all about. I come on here to discuss Apple's products and the tech within them, while a whole slew of people (growing sadly every day) come on here to whine endlessly about Apple and their products in ways that are neither constructive nor logical. "Thought-policing," "born in China," and a litany of personal attacks, you are doing nothing to demonstrate you know anything about what makes for good discourse. This place used to be so much better, MacRumors before the asylum patients took over used to be great too, but they succumbed and now I fear AI is succumbing and that is a sad day for tech discourse. If you disagree with me, you are part of the problem and the fact you're lecturing me about this site after 1 post, you really aren't improving things around here at all.

    Disagreement is one thing, in fact it makes discourse great, but trolling negativity is another entirely. If you don't know the difference, learn it quickly or perhaps you should simply take a step back or go elsewhere where Apple bashing is more welcome. I'm merely trying to protect this place from the likes of those who want to tear it down.
    Ok williamlondon, lets try again.  I simply stated that I was disappointed Apple released a long-awaited refresh to their MBP line, however, supply is severely constrained, evident by the fact, that it took 3 weeks for it to show up in "select" Apple Stores. Even when it is on display it likely won't be available to purchase. To which you insinuated that I was "trolling" and Apple "bashing" and ruining your AI experience.  Sorry dude, but grow up, unless of course you're still an adolescent.  Impossible to know.  I  then go on to ask if you can recall a time under Steve's watch when a refreshed computer was introduced but faced such severe supply constraints.  I simply pointed out that the recent release seems a misstep, especially in light of the fact that this was a long long awaited refresh.  Of course I'm open to correction and new information, but you simply didn't provide any.  Instead, you reply "If you disagree with me, you are part of the problem..."  right, is that how we have an open discussion?  i'm free to say anything as long as don't disagree with you?  interesting.  I didn't take this down a hostile road, you did, reread your first post.  You used explicit language and didn't provide original thought about Apple or its products.  This by the way, is site and forum for both Apple the Company and its excellent products.  They are intertwined, so please don't consider it a site that is solely focused on "Apple's products and the tech within them."   If in fact you want to improve this site and its discussion, perhaps reply constructively, rather than stating "ban the trolls"  nothing i wrote meets the definition of a troll.   and your response is nothing less than hostile.

    I'm as free as anyone else to lament that most of us must continue to wait 4-5 weeks to receive a computer we ordered sight unseen.  That is not the Apple I grew up with, nor the company I converted family and friends to  Show me otherwise, but please don't reply with your own lament of how this site is going down hill thanks to "trolls" .  I don't see it at all.  The content is excellent and the majority of comments are constructive. Your protectionist reaction is perhaps the biggest turnoff. 

    There are signals that people who have been on these forums for years can easily use to identify an internet troll (in fact there used to be a post in the forums with a list - perhaps someone else can locate that list and post a link). It goes something like this: 1) Posting overly or gratuitously negative comments, (that raises big alarm bells). 2) Using the meme, "Steve wouldn't do this or that." Add to those two infractions the fact that you just got started; your first post garnered 9 dislikes (so far) and not a single like. At this point the only way you can escape people thinking you're a troll is to stop acting like one. You're not off to a good start.
    williamlondon, you sound so paranoid its scary.  Just read The Crucible?  having your own AppleInsider Troll Witch Hunt? You haven't provided a single insight into anything Apple during this whole "conversation." why don't you practice what you preach and take some time off of "Troll Patrol" its hysterical that you list the "signs of a troll." you're posts are worse than one.  And I think many would take issue with you disparaging Steve.  This was his company and his vision and it is because of his blood sweat and tears that Apple is what it is today. So, why don't you re-evaluate your "Troll Identifiers"  actually, why don't you just give up the Troll Hunt entirely, contribute worthwhile posts and encourage new users instead of inciting mindless arguments?  I love that you write "infractions" I haven't laughed so hard in a long while. Who appointed you to police this site?  Your words are written like a true heckler. Still waiting for anything worthwhile for you to contribute.  best of luck in your alternative universe.