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  • Editorial: Apple's WWDC 2019 was far more than just the Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR

    Nice article, but it needs to be subbed - the section on the stand is all over the place, and the final sentence of that section "So as it appears at the moment, you are likely to have to buy one of these $999 stands. In which case, Apple should've admitted that the Mac Pro starts at $6,999 including stand." makes no sense, nobody would ever buy just a Mac Pro and a monitor stand, they would also buy the monitor...which makes the base price of the new Mac Pro with monitor and stand $11,997, (or people might just buy the monitor and the stand for $5998, or $6998 with the matt finish.)
  • Editorial: Can Apple News+ kill 'fake news' and save journalism?

    Heartening to see the similarity of the earlier comments to my sentiment about Apple News: it is sourced from major sources of fake news - practically all so-called "mainstream" news outlets  (CNN, MSN, NBC, Conde Naste magazines, to name a few) these days are hugely in debt (except strangely, Murdoch's FOX), and thus are basically owned by the banks, or represent the views of the finance community ie Bloomberg (remember their fake Chinese spy chips story?) and believe me the banks and financiers HAVE big agendas - they tend to be pro petrochemical price influencing wars, and also tend to be big on creating wars and fostering nationalistic fear mongering in general, and are big on justifying destabilization of governments in cheap oil producing countries (to artificially hike the price of oil to justify the trillions of dollars they have invested in more expensive to extract petrochemicals ie shale oil and deep ocean oil.)  (https://variety.com/2019/biz/features/att-disney-comcast-debt-1203107407/)

    Most "mainstream media" are also anti libertarian ie anti Trump, and they tend to be pro nuclear energy ie they push the theory that mankind's CO2 emissions are a major cause of global climate change so that the trillions of dollars that the British and French and US governments spent and continue to spend on nuclear energy is justified, and can be further leveraged, despite the fact that there is no way to get rid of the waste, and it remains dangerous for tens of THOUSANDS of years...

    Obama okayed the building of two new reactors in the USA, and Britain plans to build two new ones also, and most power in France is generated by toxic non-renewable nuclear energy...

    The days of the mainstream newspapers being largely supported by the classified sections ie tens of thousands of small advertisers, and their resultant consequent potential for relative journalistic independence, are well and truly dead......

    The New York Times continues to represent the interests of the finance community in New York, and the Washington Post is unashamedly a propaganda platform for Bezos, and is pro war, and pro nationalistic fear mongering because the main source of Bezos companies' research and development budgets (including Amazon's) is the US military and the US secret military budget ie taxpayers.
  • Apple being sued because two-factor authentication on an iPhone or Mac takes too much time...

    A suit is probably going too far, but I consciously realized that two -factor authentication would significantly increase the complexity of configuring my clean installs, and configuring new devices. So I've always avoided it for many of the reasons stated in the suit. I also dislike the nagging Apple does suggesting users enable two-factor authentication in new installs, or when there is a major system change in any of my Apple devices (of which there are many.)