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  • Apple's biggest introduction on Tuesday: Apple Park

    imagine what will come out of these modern new facilities designed to inspire creativity and integration among teams.
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    Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, where a variety of advanced computing ideas originated in the 1970s before being turned into real products by Apple...
    OMG! You mean we paid $50,000 for a Xerox Star workstation, laser printer and XNS/ITP network that weren't real products?

    It is true that Xerox introduced a series of "office automation" products, such as Star workstation, laser printer and Ethernet network.  I am very lucky I was one of the first users in Japan when this system was introduced to the institute I was with.  I still remember that the Ethernet network number was 1 (the first user in Japan).

    It was 1983, a couple years before the Macintosh was introduced to the Japanese market.

    The Xerox system (called JStar in Japan) was extremely capable and easy to use.  But, unfortunately, the introduction cost was enormous and never became a mainstream, which was very sad.

    When the Microsoft Word for Macintosh came out several years later, I thought it was a partial copy of the Xerox Star system.

  • Plastc goes the way of Coin as Apple Pay takes the lead in digital payments

    thedba said:
    jdw said:
    I am an Apple fan who wants ApplePay to succeed, but the reality is that about the only place one can reliably use ApplePay here in Japan is when traveling on Public Transport, which I normally do not use because I prefer a car.  Furthermore, the article makes no mention of the new competition -- Mastercard's plastic credit card with a built-in fingerprint reader:

    Even though it would appear that ApplePay is more secure and reliable that MC's fingerprint tech, the ultimate decider will be the end consumer.
    I'm very surprised that in Japan you can not reliably use Apple Pay (or contactless payments) other than public transport. 
    Furthermore Apple Pay just doesn't appear to be more secure but is more secure than this new finger print enabled Master Card.  
    With Apple Pay, no one can pick any useful information off your card even with the Wallet app open. No card number, no expiry date, no CVC number. With a plastic card OTOH, all those are readily available. 
    It's what I answer people who ask me the always silly question: What if I steal your phone?

    I don't think he (jdw) is right, or he just doesn't know how to use ApplePay in Japan except for public transportation.

    Of course, we can use ApplePay here in Japan in a number of places, maybe far more locations than in the U.S.  For example, at the convenience store like seven-eleven (all of them; a total of about 70,000 convenience stores in Japan), almost all supermarkets/grocery stores, most of department stores, a number of restaurants, retail stores, gas stations in addition to a number of taxi cabs.  It's so common.

    However, they don't have ApplePay logo on the touchless payment equipment, instead they have 'QuickPay' and/or 'ID' logos.  These NFC-based payment systems have been around in Japan for more than 10 years and ApplePay just joined them last year.  That's why we can use ApplePay at so many places.

    One of the problems with ApplePay is that you cannot use your iPhone for touchless payment unless you get it in Japan, meaning that iPhones sold in Japan are different from those sold outside of Japan.
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