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  • Apple hikes iPhone 13 prices in Japan

    And this follows similar price hikes for Macs in Japan in June. People here are very sensitive when it comes to price increases - some companies in Japan would rather decrease their profit margins than risk alienating their customer base. Apple must be very confident…
  • M2 and beyond: What to expect from the M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra

    I believe there is a strong possibility that there will be no M2 pro, M2 max, or M2 ultra. It is rumored that TSMC will have 3NM chips in production in the second half of 2022. These will likely find their way into the iPhone 14 pro as the A16. This will likely be the chip generation (M3?) Apple uses for a new MacBook pro and max, the MacStudio max and ultra, and the MacPro. We will likely see the M2 used in an iMac refresh, and a Mac mini refresh, but that’s it.
    I agree that there may be no M2 Pro/Max/Ultra based on the A15 cores, but Apple may still stick to the M2 Pro/Max/Ultra naming while actually using the newer A16 cores. Most users won’t care whether the underlying architecture of M2 and M2 Pro is the same, as long as the M2 Pro is the faster one. It would also allow Apple to differentiate the Pro chips further because of the higher efficiency and performance gains of the 3nm process.

    We could see something like this going forward (purely based on speculation and on the assumption that there will be a new A-series chip each year):
    2022 fall: A16
    2023 spring: M2 Pro/Max based on A16
    2023 fall: A17
    2024 spring: M3 based on A17
    2025 fall: A18
    2026 spring: M3 Pro/Max based on A18

    New A-series every year, new base M-series every other year.
  • Next Mac mini will have M2 and M2 Pro Apple Silicon chip options

    I hope the M2 will be based on the A16 coming in fall instead. It would be odd if the M series of processors lagged behind the A series cycle by a whole year.
  • Apple unveils fifth-gen iPad Air with M1 processor, 5G, and new colors

    This is an absolutely incredible value for money. I mean the iPad Air exists in a universe of its own. Completely untouchable. The whole
    Having said this. The smaller iPad Pro is now looking a bit threatened. I am betting that they may try to squeeze M1 Pro into the next update for iPad Pro.
    I can’t see them put an M1 Pro into an iPad because of the power usage and heat. Instead they are probably getting ready for an M2 iPad Pro in fall whereas iPad Air will be stuck with M1 for the next two years or so. Still a very good value on the Air!
  • Five key features missing from Apple's new iPad mini

    @HobeSoundDarryl ;
    iPad mini Pro would be awesome. Headphone jack and bigger battery would be top of my list, too. Add waterproofing and ProMotion display and I am in.
    Get rid of the Air and simplify the iPad line:
    iPad mini, iPad mini Pro
    iPad, iPad Pro
    large iPad Pro