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  • Apple's Tim Cook talks tech with accessibility advocates for Global Accessibility Awarenes...

    netrox said:
    I am deaf myself and the deaf "advocate" is not really representing the signing deaf community. It's just weird seeing her talk. I would sign which of course requires having an interpreter to relay the conversation. ASL is a language that many profoundly deaf people use. Clips is a great app but it's not deaf friendly - it doesn't allow me to create captions but rather uses speech recognition to create captions - it won't work for signing deaf people. It needs to provide a way for them to type words and create captions. The addition of Scribble to WatchOS is much welcome.
    The signing Deaf community isn't the only deaf community. Mainstreamed and oral deaf adults aren't Deaf, but they're still deaf. The facts state that 90-95% of mainstreamed deaf children didn't get ASL access. Nyle DiMarco even said it. I was one of those kids. What's weird is people still trying to, in some sort of way, give me some kind of grief because I was raised in a way that I didn't ask for and now I'm working to try to learn a new language. I'm not going to use a language that I still have trouble using with my close Deaf friends for one of the most important moments of my life. I need access to language that I understand. CART was the best for me to understand and spoken is the best way for me to talk about stuff that I talked about with Tim. Otherwise I'd be sitting there stumped or attempting to fingerspell most of the conversation.

    And you're right, Clips isn't Deaf friendly in the sense that if you signed in a video, it's not going to pick it up. But it is deaf friendly in the sense that a hearing person can speak into the app and it's going to be captioned. And if it's not perfect, they can tweak the captions so that it is and then those of us who can understand written English will know what's being said.
  • Apple's Tim Cook talks tech with accessibility advocates for Global Accessibility Awarenes...

    glowearth said:
    Wtf? Rikki is a oralism, why the fuck did Rikki not use American Sign Language (ASL)? Yes I'm deaf myself.  The oralism is NOT in deaf culture.  I believe she trying to make ASL go extinct... most of us deaf people treasure our ASL. It been exist for over hundreds of year. We got ASL from France and France got FSL from Italian monk. 
    If you knew anything about me, you would know that I was mainstreamed for all of my life and am not fluent in ASL. I'm not comfortable using ASL in situations where I have to have an interview because I'm not going to know how to express myself yet and I wouldn't understand half of what he was saying that this point. You know that most mainstreamed kids don't know ASL, right? 90-95% don't. Nyle DiMarco said it himself. I'm one of those people. I used ASL when I was communicating with old and new friends at this event, but I wasn't going to put myself in an environment where I wouldn't be able to communicate. Watch my content, know who I am before making blasphemous assumptions saying that I'm trying to make ASL go extinct which is BS. I have content in ASL. I have ALWAYS been about letting deaf kids have a choice, letting them know what Deaf culture is early because I didn't get that when I was a kid and now I'm paying for it.