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  • Compared: 2021 iPad Pro vs 2020 iPad Pro and 2018 iPad Pro

    sloth77 said:
    rcfa said:
    Why is this thing not dual boot macOS and iPadOS?

    In particular, a 12” iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard is, in every sense, the superior hardware when compared to a MacBook Air, yet it’s forced to run the crippled iPadOS!

    The kernel is the same between macOS and iPadOS, Catalyst is present to run i(Pad)OS apps under macOS, and the OS could restrict apps to Catalyst when used without MagicKeyboard to optimize for touch Ui.

     But why can we not (at least optionally) run macOS on an iPad Pro wit MagicKeyboard?

    THAT is what I’m waiting for! A Mac with the ability to use pen/finger to interact where needed. For the most part, I use my current iPad Pro with keyboard and touchpad, with the occasional screen/pen interaction 
    Its an interesting idea.  As macOS now runs on M1, I guess there is no major reason why they couldn't do it.

    My guess is that they think it may cannibalize sales of Mac hardware
    I believe this question of cannibalization was once put to Steve Jobs or perhaps Joni Ives. Their reply was if we don't cannibalize our own products somebody else will.

    I owned the 2018 12.9 inch iPad Pro. That size is too big to be handheld. And if it's not going to be handled then what's the point of having a tablet.  I switched to the 2018 inch iPad Pro and have been happy with that ever since.   If the 2021 11 inch iPad Pro had feature parity with the 2021 12.9 inch I might consider an upgrade, but the 11 inch. Meh.

    I strongly agree with dual boot as there are scenarios in which an iPad is advantageous and other scenarios in which a MacBook is advantageous.  Right now to have the best of both worlds you have to carry two devices.

    I see no defensible excuse for Apple not to do this. If they are worried about revenue the base 12.9 inch iPad Pro already costs as much as a base MacBook Air.  Apple could sell a lot more of their obscenely expensive iPad magic keyboards if the Magic keyboard would unlock dual boot MacOS  functionality for the iPad.

    I can see compromising and getting the larger 12.9 inch iPad if it would also dual boot to macOS.  And if Apple offered dual boot functionality on the 11 inch iPad Pro it would be a great alternative to the 12 inch MacBook they used to sell.

    In fact there were no longer be any excuse for requiring dual boot. Simply allow any regular iPadOS app to run on an M1 macOS iPad, as the M1 Macs can now do.  Dual boot in such a product should be optional not mandatory.
  • Spotify, Tile, and Match Group call Apple anticompetitive at Senate hearing

    Everyone here claiming Apple is right, boo hoo for the others, does not understand the differences between capitalism, competition, and free markets.  They are aso poor students of 20th century American history and the incomparable prosperity of the mid 20th century, that is no more.  That prosperity only happened once the government started breaking up large companies and monopolies.  Apple, Google, FaceBook, and the like are the "Robber Barrons" of the 21st century.  Real prosperity can only return when the government does what it did post WWII. Take down and break up the robber barons to restore free markets and completion, and restore equitable (not equal but equitable) wealth distribution.

    Capitalism and competition are NOT the same same. The goal of capitalism is profit maximization. That goal is ultimately incompatible with competition.  Profit maximization, unbridled, has the ultimate goal of destroying all current and future competition, to forever protect its monopoly at all costs. 

    Equal access competition a.k.a. truly free markets are the true drivers of innovation and prosperity.  Capitalism is simultaneously the best tool to maximize productivity, and simultaneously the greatest threat to the same, when left unmanaged.

    Free markets and competition are good for everyone, except for greed maxing capitalists.  Any capitalist that has amassed enough power or wealth to bully competition, no longer sees competition and free markets as beneficial.  They see competition and free markets as a threat to their dominance. 

    The greatest expansion of wealth in American history, occurred just after WWII, when the government went after big corporations and broke them up.  Everyone won.  Wealth was spread far more evenly and equitable and more wealth was generated than when a few big corporations controlled all.

    Now we are back to a few big corporations controlling almost everything, especially in technology.  I'm always amazed at how easy it is to train the vast majority of people to act against their own self interest.  That's the most effective and insidious form of power there is.  That is the sort of control that the system has against everyone here cheering on Apple, Google, and the like, while denigrating the others.  it's just like the first line of the chorus of the song "Banditos" by "The Refreshments".   Everybody knows the world is full of "them".

  • Apple fires back in Epic Games 'Fortnite' saga, seeks damages for breach of contract

    Every comment here seems to miss the point.

    The App Store is NOT just another business, Even Walmart and Costco have far more competitors than does the App Store.  The app store is the ONLY choice for people with iPhones. The only quasi alternative here would be an Android App Store.  Are those very similar choices ?  Practically every Apple lover here would argue “no, the Apple experience is far superior”.  This is much different than being able to buy the very same identical TV at a large number of different retailers, as some have suggested.

    The ultimate goal of capitalism is to become so successful, as to destroy the free market by eliminating and preventing all competition. Let that sink in because most people can’t grasp that at first,  Once again, the end goal of capitalism is to destroy free markets, and create an all powerful, monopoly or all powerful, duopoly. That destroys consumer choice, which is the very goal of a free market, People often assume capitalism and free markets go hand in hand, and generally they do.... until a business grows so big that it is no longer subject to competition because it can or has effectively destroyed it,

    That’s the very point of anti-trust law.  To prevent the destruction of free markets,

    There is a price to be paid for total success and rightly so. Once a company becomes so successful that it has essentially destroyed competition, the checks and balances of a free market are destroyed. Either the company is forcibly broken up in a way that restores a level of free market control or it becomes subject to regulations as a substitute for the loss of free market checks and balances.

    is the App Store a monopoly or even just a duopoly? The argument for the latter is strong, and for the latter is almost certain,

    The real question here is do you support free markets, defined as markets that encourage healthy competition for the benefit of consumers ?  If so, you can’t argue that Apple should be allowed to do whatever it wants, because Apple created the App Store. As you cheer on Apple becoming a 2 trillion dollar company, remember that you are also cheering the end of a truly functional free market for mobile apps.

    The United States has become a poster child for massive inequality in developed countries and is getting worse.  That “American Dream” that is all but gone, was strong after world war 2.  The reason the American dream was reborn was the Sherman Act.... powerful anti trust law that broke up large corporate Robber Barons, like Rockefeller.  Forcing the breakup of too large and powerful corporations after world war 2 is what brought back the American dream and decades of shared prosperity.

    So the larger question here is do you want to worship the control of monopolistic corporations that have grown to destroy free markets, or do you want to see the American dream restored, where the free market ensures maximum productivity and a fair chance for everyone to share in that prosperity ?

  • Apple isn't planning on limiting CarPlay just to a car's head unit

    This is GREAT news.  We have a 2018 Mazda CX-5 with windshield projected HUD and a 2020 Kia Soul with a HUD that projects into a pop up panel above the dash behind the steering wheel.  The HUD are excellent for keeping eyes on the road.  Despite Apple & Google Maps, and Waze being far superior navigation apps, I often use the native navigation in the cars,  so everything can be seen on the HUD and eyes can stay on the road.

    Even though both vehicles have CarPlay support and good sized central dash screens, those central screens are a distraction from the road, while HUD keeps your eyes on the road.  This is the Achilles heel of CarPlay... lacking HUD support,

    IIRC CarPlay was also built to allow control of some car functions, like the climate control, door locks, etc using Siri, but I don’t think it has ever been implemented in any car.  Again the Mazda and Kia have their own voice command systems, but they suck compared to Siri.... and sometimes accidentally activate instead of Siri when giving commands.  
  • Apple's iOS 13.2 release bricks HomePod for some users [u]

    The update did not immediately brick my HomePod.

    It’s banner feature individual user recognition did not work.  HomePod Siri Would tell my wife if does not recognize her.

    Checked all the apps settings as recommended by Apple and after still failing to make multi user authentication work I followed the steps on Apple’s website to reset HomePod.
    As per Apple instructions after unplugging and plugging the HomePod back in I pressed and held the top until the white spinning circle turned red. Siri on the HomePod Warned that the HomePod was about to reset. I waited for 3 beeps and the reset started.

    I must’ve waited for 10 minutes or Morrow wow the white circle was spinning on top but nothing else happening. Put my iPhone next to it with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on. Made sure I was signed into the iCloud account with the Home app and Music installed and still nothing.