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  • Apple's iOS 15 to reportedly use facial recognition to validate ID cards

    This is a very slippery slope. 
    Imagine the day when you chose to put your drivers license on your phone, and you get pulled over. You'll need to unlock your phone and swipe over to your wallet-app and bring up the ID to show the officer. What's that officer going to do next? Go back to his squad car and scroll through your entire unlocked phone looking for anything and at everything. You'll say that's an invasion of privacy and they will say "hey you unlocked it and gave it to me!!" 

    If anyone at Apple cares about the right to privacy (at least in the United States), there should be a way to open the wallet, load the ID of choice and display it until a password is entered or the phone runs out of battery.
  • Qualcomm thinks it can make a laptop chip better than Apple's M1

    reading the comments here is pretty sobering. 

    1. QUALCOMM already makes laptop chips (for Microsoft) - Microsoft SQ1 and SQ2 

    2. Windows 10 ARM64 exists and runs quite well. Old versions of Windows on ARM (Windows RT) were terrible failures. 

    All that being said, Apple's M1 is running circles around the SQ1/SQ2 chips and runs Windows 10 ARM faster in emulation mode than the SQ1/SQ2 natively, which is very impressive. 

  • Apple looks to make Group FaceTime audio calls more realistic

    That's funny, Dolby Voice (with blue jeans now) has been doing this for years.
  • Inside iPhone 8: Apple's A11 Bionic introduces 5 new custom silicon engines

    melgross said:
    It will be interesting to see whether Apple decides to support Google’s codecs. It’s up to Apple to do that. Since it’s free to support, I can’t see why they wouldn’t, unless it just corporate rivalry on their part.

    remember that Apple never supported FLAC for music either, but now they do. So that’s a change.
    Why would Apple support Google codecs? Does Apple support Flash? No, but we can still use Flash thanks to the Flash plug-in on macOS. We use Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in to watch Netflix. Google must just provide its own plug-in for its codec. If it provides its own codec for tvOS and Apple refuses that then we may question that. But since Google doesn't provide a plug-in for macOS, it is most probably that it doesn't provide a codec for tvOS either. They might well implement it in their YouTube tvOS app. So the truth is not Apple does not support Google's codecs, the truth is Google's YouTube app does not support Google's own 4K codec on tvOS. If I'm wrong and it supports then correct me.
    You are wrong. Siverlight and flash are not "codecs" and I'm not going to explain the difference here. Netflix delivers H.264 / H.265 to all it's devices, same for youtube - except youtube 4k. Google is using VP9 instead hvec h.265 for 4k content delivery, so it's a different codec and would require different hardware decoder than H.265. Most GPUs support both VP9 and H265 hardware decoding- the question here is does Apple's A10 support hardware VP9 decoding ? I don't know, but can the CPU/GPU handle real-time software VP9 decoding? Only apple knows, and that's the point. 
    It's not on google to support the AppleTV 4k, it's on apple to support the VP9 codec... 
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