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  • Force Touch support to be dropped in watchOS 7

    Complete BS.  I use Force Touch on both my phone and watch.  I just don't understand the step backward by Apple.  This is why I didn't "upgrade" to the iPhone 11 since it was no longer supported.  Now I won't have a choice on my watch due to the new operating system?  Just complete bull.
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  • Apple updates Apple Maps, Siri to show support for 'Black Lives Matter'

    Everyone else's lives are just so perfect that they don't need any attention.  We're so sick of this crap already.
  • New iPhone App Store feature focuses attention on racism & advocacy

    Gimme a break.  Most people can't define the word and cannot use it within the context of a current events situation.  Please stop already FFS.  The word "racist" has been so watered down and misused that it's lost all meaning.  And really that's the damned shame of it all.  Racism exists and always will.  But not in the sense that it's being used so haphazardly today.
  • Touch ID comeback for 'iPhone 12' rumors resurface

    Bring back 3D touch and we'll talk.  I won't upgrade until that comes back or my phone breaks whichever comes first.
  • HomeTags make it even easier to control your HomeKit devices via NFC

    svanstrom said:
    It's like regular buttons, but upgraded to not work unless you are holding your phone in your hand when you push it.

    And… as some people have already mentioned, if you hold your phone wrong in your hand the button still doesn't work.  :D

    (Disclaimer: I'm a grumpy person that actually work a bit with NFC-stuff; I just think it's silly how it sometimes is forced into products that in most cases, and for most people, is nothing but adding new tech to make a "traditional" product less functional.)
    hilarious lol.  You and I are a lot alike with the grumpiness.  I will say that I live in an older home and the light switches and outlets are few and far between.  Nothing like walking into a room with only 2 outlets and light switches on the other side of the room.  Anyhow I can see using the NFC tags for when I come into my garage and being able to tap the NFC tag to engage the lights in my living room before I go in.  Just a thought.  Plus I can see if anyone is ready to belt me with a sock full of pennies (Kramer).