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  • Twitter's text-based two-factor authentication becomes a paid-only feature

    ranson said:
    This is an interesting choice with somewhat dubious reasoning: pay us $8 for the continuing privilege of using the least secure MFA mechanism.

    Most likely, the SMS's were too costly for Elon's liking, while Authenticator apps are both more secure and effectively free for Twitter to support. So from a financial perspective, it makes a lot of sense. From a security posture, forcing users off of SMS and over to an Authenticator app is a good long-term decision.

    However, the outright disabling of nonconforming users' existing SMS MFA on March 20 is a terrible idea, as it will expose what is likely millions and millions of accounts to being compromised, should their passwords have been previously harvested. This will particularly impact users who rarely access Twitter anymore, if at all. A better approach here would be to retain the SMS MFA on those users indefinitely, but require them to explicitly disable MFA or switch to an Authenticator app the next time they access Twitter after 3/20. You should never just turn someone's MFA off without their explicit approval.
    Your first sentence hits the nail on the head! What a ridiculous option coming from a “genius” 
  • Apple launches its all-in-one universal gift card in Canada, Australia

    Anilu_777 said:
    Where is Apple Cash for Canada?????
    They require a banking partner in Canada, similar to them partnering with Goldman Sachs in the US. I’m betting they are having a hard time finding a Canadian partner.
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.1 is now available with opt-in Siri review, support for AirPods Pro

    I must be the timing or whatever server you’ve been connected to. My download took around 20 minutes
  • Apple Card: Best and worst features of Apple's credit solution

    JKVisFX said:
    This card may not be as evil as the other's are but, those interest rates are still onerous, what used to be called "usury," or "loan-sharking." I remember a time when the maximum interest rate allowable by law was 13%. I am completely done with ALL credit schemes. Period. Save your money up for major purchases you know you have coming such as an iPhone upgrade or a computer upgrade, you'll save a hell of a lot of money and not owe any of those fat-cat banks one cent of it. Hell, saving money is just good practice overall.
    Paying cash/debit card and not having a credit card is certainly a way to avoid those onerous interest charges. But you know there are some of us who get the benefits provided by credit cards and each month!!! 

    Therefore I pay 0% interest. Get the convenience of using Apple Pay or the card for the charge. Get benefits such as extended warranty, purchase protection, etc.
    Get cash back as a bonus. I do everything I can on my cash back cards and use very little cash.

    It takes research to get the suitable card and self control to always be able to pay off what you accrue. 

  • Apple Pay coming to all 1,850 US Target locations, 7,000 Taco Bell restaurants

    jbdragon said:
    It's pretty strange that it took Target this long to finally support Apple Pay in their Stores!!!! Target has Supported Apple Pay since day 1 for Online Shopping. So it's good see see them finally cave. Same goes for Taco Bell and Jack on the box. The more places the better. Wal-Mart is going to be the last holdout. They are going to stick with their QR codes for as long as they can.
    I haven't been in Target for quite a while. The payment terminal has to support contactless payments to also allow Apple Pay to function. So the company will face the cost of getting new terminals for all their checkouts. Aldi's is one of the companies that started accepting Apple Pay months ago, and a store I go to when I pop across the border to Niagara Falls, NY. for some shopping.

    Being Canadian, I use Apple Pay almost everywhere here. If people think there must be a sign or sticker indicating Apple Pay accepted, they are wrong. All it takes is the store having a contactless terminal. Those terminals also support tapping your chip credit card, if YOUR card also allows contactless.