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  • Sonnet ships $199 Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3 Ethernet adapter offering 10 gigabit connectivity...

    Soli said:
    10GigE is a head scratcher, to me. It’s slower than both USB and WiFi, by costa more and is much bulkier, despite GigE being a longstanding standard that faster than both for a very long time.

    I’d love for my wired Macs and wired NAS to have a 10GigE connection but I’m not even sure that’s a feasible option for consumer-grade equipment.

    Is there a reason for that?
    10GbE is significantly faster than WiFi. I have a Ubiquiti AC HD which is one of the fastest available AP's out there. This is rated at 1733 Mbps by Ubiquiti. But that's a lie. That's theoretical max not accounting for overhead, interference, etc etc. IRL you are lucky if it can push 400mbps, less than half of regular wired gigabit. I just upgraded my network with a single workstation and server connected to my switch with 10Gb connections. Before I was getting 115MB/s wired transfer, (close to the max of 125MB/s) and now I am getting over 900MB/s, compare that to my wifi connected directly to the same switch at ~50MB/s and wired 10GbE is nearly 20x faster than the fastest WiFi. It's great that someone has come out with a single product to go from Thunderbolt to 10GbE for this price. A PCI-e card with a RJ-45 connector goes for around $200 alone.
  • Western Digital launches internet-connected My Cloud Home & Home Duo drives

    Soli said:
    NAS have so many features these days, but one feature I haven't seen is a security camera data storage system so that you can buy any number of wireless or wired security cameras that will automatically connect to your NAS' local backup (as well backup to any cloud storage you may have) with whatever looping and notification parameters you've set up. If this already exists I'd love to be pleasantly surprised.
    Many cameras can be set to save video directly to NAS storage (via SMB) or you can use a 3rd party software like Blue Iris that connects to any IP cams video stream, applies rules and monitoring, then saves the videos to the NAS and emails notifications.