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  • Amazon Prime raising annual subscription to $139

    If prime were still the original 1 or 2 day shipping that was promised years ago, it would be worth it. Prime today is nothing but another label. 

    Items get ship when they want, arrive when they want, i’ve had prime shipping come 5 days later. I don’t use Prime Video, I have never found anything I  cared to watch on it. Amazon music is subpar, compared to Apple Music and Spotify. Hell I don’t even have 1 Fire or Alexa device in my house.
  • Roku update that broke AirPlay & HomeKit has yet to be fixed weeks later

    eightzero said:
    Where is the option to play OTA TV on my Apple TV? My TCL/Roku runs that. 

    I'd buy a 4k Apple TV with a ATSC 3 next gen tuner and a coax plug on the back. 
    I run a plex server with a TV Tuner added to it. I get 67 OTA Channels, that are made available across every device I own including, my iPhones, iPads, Apple TV’s, and even my Roku’s that I no longer use. I should also mention that I have access to those channels, regardless of where I am, as long as I have an internet connection. 
  • Apple ordered to pay $1.9 million to Chinese publisher over copyright case

    leighr said:
    China…. Copyright laws…. LOL. 
    I thought the exact same thing … 😂
  • Australia wants to reclassify & strictly regulate Apple Pay

    Apple Pay isn’t a payment system, a Card terminal, Point of Sale (PoS) Register, Square Terminals, Those are payment systems. They allow people to pay for good. 

    Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and even PayPal are systems to replace Physical Cards. They allow you to process a payment both physically and digitally using your banking credentials. 

    Apple though is the only one that takes the processing of a payment a step further by tokenizing the user’s banking info. This helps to privatize the user’s info, so in the event of a system breach, like what happened to Home Depot and Target a few years ago, the user’s info would not have been exposed. 
  • Apple, Intel join lawsuit against Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods

    These tariffs were put into place to bring production and jobs back into the US. These companies get greedy for pennies, but yet will spends millions on lawyers. 

    anantksundaram said:
    Frankly, if it was up to me, I’d double down on the opposite: say, quadruple the tariffs, leave it there for the next 25 years, and use the proceeds to help pay for all the COVID damage caused. It might, collaterally, help move some production here as well (and to China’s competitor countries). 

    That should be the price society imposes on each of us for our hankering after our cheap electronics and t-shirts. 
    I totally agree with this. Make it so that importing foreign goods would be so absurd that building production plants here would be the best course of action.  Personally, I’d rather pay a few bucks more for an American made product.