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  • Apple surveying users about iPhone AC adapters amid rumors they'll be sold separately

    lkrupp said:
    sflocal said:
    Even I have to say that Apple is being rather petty here.  I too have plenty of old chargers from prior iPhones and iPads.  I'm planning on buying the iPhone 12 and I expect not only a power adapter included with what will be a very expensive phone, but one of the highest wattage models available.  That way, I can retire the older, obsolete models.

    Considering how much these chargers costs Apple to make compared to the entire cost of an iPhone, I as a consumer should decide what to do with my charger, and not Apple.
    Well, I guess you won't be buying that iPhone 12 then.
    I agree with sflocal. For what Apple charges for a iPhone I believe a charger should automatically be included. It should be up to us what we do to our charger. 
  • 'Tim Cook for President' and other tawdry campaigns from Qualcomm's PR bulldog

    This is just so pathetic that this is sad. Don’t know what else to say, but humanity at it’s lowest in the 21st Century. Thought that we would better ourselves not become worst. 
  • USB-C cable shopping for an iPad or Thunderbolt 3 Mac is still a nightmare for consumers

    I am more confused now then I was before. I did not even know of all these different types of USB-C. Goes to show how ignorant I am about this. Especially for technological knowledgeable person I am ashamed of myself. Everything you you wrote was very knowledgeable & helped me to understand better, but still don’t understand the point about “active & passive”. 
    Great article. Really do believe we will have many more articles related to this. 

  • Don't run the iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Mojave betas if you value your data

    I don’t understand the the hate & rudeness of the people on here. AppleInsider was just warning & reminding people the possible problems that arises from running beta. They are not telling you what to do. Just advising everyone that beta iOS & MacOS are a incomplete OS. That if it is your primary device that it is not safe to run beta. What you do is up to you, but you should be prepared for the consequences if the OS fails. As for developers they are supposed to be aware of this & take measures to handle these failures & report to Apple their findings. If you are not a developer then there is really no reason you should run beta OS. If you are a average joe like me & download beta & it crashes your device, then it is no ones fault, but your own. Have a little respect for AppleInsider for taking the time to give us some advice. They love Apple & want everyone to enjoy it as much as they do. They are just saving us non developers the headache & heartache of are favorite Apple devices from crashing. I want to use iOS 12 as much as everyone else, but as a average joe I will wait for the complete version of iOS 12 in September release. Thanks AppleInsider for the heads up. 
  • What to expect from Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote -- and what not to

    Personally I have been really disappointed & depressed with the hardware in the MacBook Pro & the iMac for a long time. Plus I wished that Apple would be more serious about a Gaming PC. I love Apple’s MacOS, but in order to have a great Gaming PC I had to build a Windows Gaming Machine. Personally I hate using Windows, but that is the only way for me to play really great games with awesome graphics. Another thing is that I wish Apple would not be so obsessed with thinnest. Because of this we are limited in what hardware can be put into a iMac & in a MacBook Pro. I want to stay in the Apple ecosystem, but cannot do that if I want to play seriously great games. Another thing I would wish for is for Apple to ditch Intel. Intel has been awful to Apple treating them like they are crap & never producing any CPUs that is mind blowing. I would really like Apple since they already have a great relationship with AMD for graphics to use their CPUs or work with Apple to create a awesome CPU just for Apple Mac devices. I really believe that AMD is humble enough to be willing to go the extra miles for Apple to create great hardware if they can work out the problems with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility. For me the last 5 years I have not been impressed with the Mac hardware Apple has brought out. On the other hand I have been really impressed with the iPhones & iPads devices. Personally I think iOS still has much more room to grow & especially would like to see a refresh of the GUI to make me feel like I have really updated to a new iOS. In my humble opinion I feel that iOS GUI has been looking boring of late. Gets updated, but still feels like the same old iOS. So in the end I am not holding my breath or excited when it comes to the 2018 WWDC. I have been so disappointed year after year that I just don’t care as much as I use to. Especially after the release of the 2016 MacBook Pros. Which is sad because I really am a Apple fan & want them to be great with Mac devices along with their awesome iOS devices. If they can ditch Intel they will be better for it. Till then I will be hoping & waiting for the Mac lineups to improve dramatically.