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  • Boeing 737 Max pilots didn't have flight simulators, and trained on iPads instead

    Too many comments here by armchair pilots. Most of the comments quite silly and inaccurate. Speculation in any aircraft accident prior to completion of investigation is complete speculation and unhelpful. No one has all the facts, not even the investigators. However as a captain for a major US airline who actually flies the 737 I can categorically state some things from a factual basis. 1. US airlines do not prohibit nor do they discourage flying manually. Someone commented on how pilots aren’t supposed to fly “”by the seatbelt of their pants” - utter baloney in the US. I am aaare many Asian carriers do NOT encourage or promote manual flying though. 2. There is a 737-8, and a 727-9, and there is ALSO the 737 a Max and -9 Max. Do not confuse one with the other. 3. “ Differences training “ is required when operating a new variant of the same type of aircraft. The training type (Simulator or no simulator) is dependent on the amount / type / significance of the differences in the two variants. In the case of the Max, it was decided (by someone / some entity) that the degree of difference was not significant enough to warrant simulator training. 4. It is entirely appropriate to ground the Max fleet worldwide until the MCAS system and the inputs to it are re-evaluated and possibly adjusted. Further, all pilots need a thorough understanding of the total system- when it operates, how it operates, how to disable it, what to do in the event it malfunctions. Until this occurs, no one should fly the aircraft. Just my factual 3¢ (inflation).
  • Delta allegedly switching flight crew hardware from Surface to iPad in early 2018

    It's true - Delta is switching to iOS platforms. 

    Two main reasons:  

    1.  S3 (and it's predecessor S2) are very slow, crash unexpectedly, and have outright failed in flight (no worries, we always have at least two devices on each flight plus sufficient paper manuals/charts to get us where we need to go).

    2.  Software on the S3 allegedly no longer being supported on MS products (most likely because vast majority of airlines that use an EFB use Apple products).

    At this airline, it is s welcome change.