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  • 'Sign in With Apple' target of Justice Department antitrust probe

    MplsP said:
    A completely optional sign-in based on privacy and non-disclosure of your email address to third-parties is anti-competitive? It’s. Optional.
    It's not optional for developers to add it into their app if they have other signal sign-on.
    Right - IF they have the Facebook/Google sign ons. And people are free to choose whatever method they please. If the developer doesn’t like it, s/he is free to remove the sign on buttons and not use any sign on services.  Heaven forbid people have a choice. 
    "If the developer doesn’t like it, s/he is free to remove the sign on buttons and not use any sign on services". Hence the point of the antitrust. If I want to use Twitter sign-on alone, I can't. I'm being compelled to add Apple's service to my app, which I may not want to do, or else be rejected.
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  • 'Sign in With Apple' target of Justice Department antitrust probe

    qwerty52 said:
    Years long, “Sign with Google......Facebook.........Twitter........”, was the most normal way in the world to sign in .
    But when  Apple recently started to use “Sign with Apple”,  it became immediately a wake up call for the antitrust investigators........
    Apple requires you to add the "Sign in with Apple" button if you use other single sign-on', like Google Sign in, even if you don't want to add the Apple one, otherwise have your app rejected. This is an issue.
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  • How ARM has already saved Apple - twice

    "Apple was reportedly just 90 days away from having to declare bankruptcy, but Jobs engineered a deal to get Microsoft to invest $150 million in it."

    This annoying myth just never dies. No Apple was not 90 days away from declaring bankruptcy. That year, Apple had a profit of $309 million and had a cash reserve of $1.2 billion. 
  • Apple Watch helps save the life of teen athlete in Oklahoma

    Can one of the mods ban this guy Ivanh?
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  • Oprah backs out of sexual assault documentary bound for Apple TV+, film will not air on Ap...

    digitol said:
    I'm continually super disappointed by Apple's conduct these days. From Genius Bar scams, to forum censorship, to now this bait n switch technique. Two prime examples of this include: iTunes. iTunes used to be a "digital jukebox" which has now morphed into a bloated horrible punishing confusing app, that primarily now spams &  sells you Apple's music service.  AppleTv. Apple Tv used to be a great way to experience movies, tv shows, in a way that was annoying/horrible on other platforms. Can you say logins/id's please? Or go to  whatever site / activate and Verify to view. Apple TV came up with an elegant solution to this problem and bundled it to a new app called Apple TV. Now with Apple TV + we once again get Apple's payed services shoved down our apple pi-holes . (there is a secret n there)  :pensive: Now my user experience  is awful. I counted almost in every row, and more than 6 times, Apple TV + encouraging me to "learn more"  "just try it"  "free trial" ya whatever Apple. The only thing I'm going to try is the freaking awesome ROKU imbedded tv that I set up for a friend. This thing had a software tuner, built-in to the Roku, which made for a seamless experience between streaming tv apps/channels/content, and actual cable box tuning. The only thing keeping Apple on top is that the Other's suck worse. From what I just experienced, at the start of this year, this could be changing. Apple beware. 
    I’m pretty sure this guy is providing disinformation against Apple for a marketing company contracted by one of their competitors. It’s the only way his rant could possibly make sense.