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  • Growing glass crack appears at Michigan Ave. Apple store in Chicago

    Probably just Sir Jony Ive pushing design to new levels!  Soon, all Iphones will come with an aesthetic crack which will then be copied by Android manufacturers!
    macky the mackybaconstang
  • Apple's iCloud key in takedown of notorious Russian botnet operator

    adm1 said:
    Quite unsettling how easily the US can monitor anyone, anywhere around the world. Especially nabbing someone who you think would be clued up on security etc.
    This has been well documented in the internet and mobile phone age.  If one chooses to use the internet and mobile devices, then one is leaving a digital trail.  I find the symbiotic relationship between governments and technology companies interesting in that the govts "wink wink" at technology companies collecting, storing, profiling, and profiting from all of our personal information.  In return, all of the tech companies (including mobile phone companies and ISPs) cooperate with the govts in some manner upon request.

    If it's stored ANYWHERE, eventually it can be found!

    It makes no difference if this guy was using an Iphone, Android phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows computer, etc.  They would have found him as this guy (like all of us on these sites) is constantly engaging with the modern world with credit cards, tech devices, airline travel, high end vacations, etc.  Therefor, he is leaving a digital trail.

    No sense getting all upset about it.  It's just how it goes.  Just about everyone in the world benefits from modern technology -- even folks without electricity and internet.  One trade off is governments can find you if you choose to use mobile technology and and the internet.  That's why terror groups now use burner phones w/encrypted chat programs.  But even the leaders of these terror organizations now only use couriers.

    Oh, and I got one more for you!  You are all being tracked by Google no matter if you use an Android device, Chrome Browser, or another search engine.  Look up "Browser Fingerprinting."

    Deal with it! Or stop using this tech!
  • Samsung's vice chairman pardoned in time for the Olympics it's sponsoring

    The mainstream press article I read this morning framed this differently. It said nothing about a pardon, but that he was allowed out of custody while he mounts his appeal of conviction by the lower court. That’s a different ball of wax that what is stated here.
    Come now...One can't let facts get in the way of a DED anti Samsung Diatribe/rant....
  • Opposed by Apple, 'right to repair' bills nonetheless pile up in state capitols

    Expect phones in those states to blow up and burn people on a regular basis because of idiots performing their own repairs.
    Seriously??? I believe a watch batteries and hearing aids contain lithium ion battery and watch folks make it straight forward for me to change them. 

    Not to mention I am allowed to work on my own automobile.   Last I looked faulty automobile repairs have a far more troublesome safety record than do consumer electronics.  I have yet to see anyone crushed to death my their smart phone falling off the table during a repair gone wrong....

  • Activist group occupies French Apple stores in protest of unpaid Irish taxes

    I feel all of the US based multinationals can't have it both ways...Play accounting games so that they avoid US taxes and then run to court whenever someone threatens one of their patents...Pay up multinationals -- all of you!