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  • European Commission opens 'in-depth' investigation into Apple's acquisition of Shazam

    I think some of the EUs "enthusiastic" willingness to investigate U.S. tech companies is because with the exception of Spotify all of the leading tech companies are based in the U.S. and Asia. That said, I think some of what they do is warranted and I think the U.S. Congress should also turn up the heat a bit on the tech companies in certain areas. That said, I am not sure the Shazem acquisition merits an investigation. However, Apple could avoid troubles by leaving the hooks to Google Music and Spotify. Break out the popcorn!
  • Refurbished, high-end iPhones are suffocating the growth of cheap new Androids

    tmay said:

    One wonders why an avowed Samsung Galaxy 8 user on an Apple blog cares so much.
    Perhaps it's  because I used to own an Iphone (and I liked it), I help friends/family with their tech (Mac, Windows, Android, IOS, Chromebook), and I wouldn't rule out purchasing an Iphone in the future nor would I hesitate to validate a friend/family members decision to purchase an Iphone????

    I read and post in Windows and Android blogs regularly too, by the way!  And I have defended IOS in said blogs from time-to-time when warranted!
    muthuk_vanalingamavon b7
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 review roundup: Predictable smartphone plagued by 'creepy' AR Emoji, iss...

    Kuyangkoh said:
    To each his own...if you love Samsung, go buy it...you’ll get good promo.

    Tech is tech.  It's a tool.  All platforms -- past and present -- have pros and cons.  All tech is vulnerable -- either at the device, and/or during data transmission, and/or at the cloud level.

    I don't LOVE or HATE any of it....We are all blessed to live in the modern age.  Especially those of us that regularly read tech blogs as we all collectively own the most modern technology!

    I hope the GOOD TIMES for all continue.  There may be suffering people in this world, but not too many of us that regularly follow these blogs!

    And yes, the promos on Samsung Galaxy devices are usually good!

    Oh, I follow the Apple Iphone news.  I've owned one, and I liked it.  Someday, if Apple has a product that I feel is a better value to me, I wouldn't hesitate to be an Iphone user again...That's why I regularly read Apple blogs!

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 review roundup: Predictable smartphone plagued by 'creepy' AR Emoji, iss...

    I get a kick out of all the Samsung and Google bashing on AI and other Mac blogs when there are and have been so many Samsung components in Iphones past and present as well as Google services tightly integrated into the ecosystem.  Not to mention Icloud is now hosted in the Google cloud.

    I have a Galaxy S8 and it is a REALLY NICE device.  Not to mention I appreciate $30 for a 128GB storage card on top of 64GB out of the box.

    I have owned Iphones and IPads in the past.  They are also nice devices. 

    Samsung's premium phones (with exception of the Note 8) have historically been great devices!
  • California to introduce 'right to repair' bill, joins 17 other states in consumer initiati...

    The security argument is a silly one, as every cloud operator will roll over with with a law enforcement warrant.  Most phone users are on social media, use a search engine that stores ones data, an ISP that tracks all use, a mobile phone operator that tracks all use, and/or a mapping app that stores and tracks all use.

    There is NO reason that phone manufacturers shouldn't permit either end users or third party folks to at minimum easily swap out a battery.  Or make a battery replacement available for less than $50.  Same goes for an easily replaceable display.

    I do have to credit Apple, as Apple at least has authorized repair centers in most major cities.  Samsung for instance doesn't have an authorized repair center anywhere in the state of CO for starters.

    Most tech companies wave the environmental flag every chance they get.  Making it easier for consumers to swap screens and batteries gives them more of an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is.