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  • Apple sources 20M face masks, designs and ships face shields for medical workers

    The first wave of cases will give us good data. Then there will probably be a second and third wave. Then a resurgence. So we have a little optimism now Social Distancing is working. But we won’t know for at least two weeks. We need to prepare for what will be 2 weeks from now not what we see today. Preparing for the unknown is expensive but necessary. 

    The flu analogy has a couple weak points:
    -First a patient can get the flu and also COVID-19. So it becomes an additional virus. It’s like Flu + Coronavirus not Flu or Coronavirus. Two sicknesses  add to the workload of Health Care Workers.
    -COVID-19 symptoms are nasty. A young person can get hit hard and may survive but the elderly not so much. Then in a complex twist there are the asymptomatic carriers.

    As for the financial impacts those are real. I think an exit strategy will need to be carefully planned. Which industries return to work? Which areas? Safety precautions. I think these details could all be worked out.

    Worldwide it would be nice if two things would happen:
    -A Moratorium on lawsuits regarding Coronavirus equipment should be enacted. New ideas should not penalized.
    - And an international agreement to collectively reduce the financial burden of this disease. I am thinking of all the countries go into debt 2 trillion, they could forgive each other the debt. I am not an economist but maybe there is some mechanism this could be accomplished.

    Thanks Apple for your hard work on this.
    steven n.Anilu_777
  • Lawsuit alleges Apple part of 'massive music piracy operation'

    Google Music is mess for stuff like this. There are multiple copies of the same song under different Album and Artist names.

    Apple seems to keep much more organized in keeping authentic albums and  artists listed, but I assume some bad actors could still slip in. I would venture music from 1920 to 1960 is not monitored as closely.
  • Apple, Samsung slapped with class action over handset RF emissions

    Everytime they turn down transmit power on cell phones and towers we lose coverage for a couple of years. 

    I hope this this does not result in some new lower cellular SAR standard. Just put the warning booklets back in the phone boxes.

  • Chicago flagship Apple Retail store roof not well suited for snow, ice

    A software update for falling retail store ice will be issued in early 2018 and the price of playing dodge the avalanche will be reduced from $79 to $29.

    Apple designed the store according to the strictest architectural standards so the roof is designed to naturally remove the ice in the swiftest manner possible making best use of the forces of nature called gravity.
  • YouTube to reportedly launch paid music service in March

    Another issue with Google Music is that it is not as high quality audio as iTunes and Apple Music.

    If they would make some nice apps for Mac and Windows  (iOS is decent) and make their Audio Higher Quality they might get somewhere.