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  • Commemorate the Royal Wedding with this $4,000 gold iPhone X

    Just really stupid.  The phone itself is beautiful, but come on....who would buy this?
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  • South Korea probes Apple's decision to slow down iPhones with weak batteries

    I love this forum and have been reading it for a long time.  I finally signed up to comment because I decided I wanted to say something/ask a question.  I have countless Apple products and love all of them, but I have some older devices.  I do not understand why devices like my IPAD 3 have slowed to a snail's pace when doing simple things like using imessage.  I understand the slowdown for newer apps that demand more resources (although I am pretty sure they can be optimized for older devices), but issues like this scream forced obsolescence.  There is a significant lag (2 or 3 seconds when typing letters) when just interfacing with settings inside of the device.  A company worth almost $1 Trillion cannot figure out how to stop forcing older devices to not upgrade in order to not slow them down?  Why can't we move back to an older IOS if the new one slows our devices to "unusable" speeds?  Again, a $1 Trillion company cannot figure out how to allow us to do this?  I was told upgrading the IOS would make my device more efficient.....this was an exaggeration or a lie.  My IPAD 3 has plenty of battery life.  I paid almost $1000 for it and I want to still use it for simple things, but the IOS is such dogcrap that it is unusable.  I am ready for Apple to get the message that this is not good for them in the long run becasue people like me are starting to wake up to this garbage.  My Nexus 7, which is about the same age as my IPAD 3, does not suffer from this problem.