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  • Apple will not buy Disney, no matter how often it hears that it will

    Disney DOES have the LARGEST back catalog of content -- Marvel, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Lucasfilm, 20th Century, National Geographic, ABC, ESPN, princess movies, Disney channel, Disney+, Hulu, Pixar. WB Discovery in comparison is very, very tiny.

    "We are always looking at companies to buy. We acquire a lot of smaller companies, and we’ll continue to do that for IP and to incorporate talent. We don’t discount something larger if the opportunity presents itself. I’m not going to go through my list with you on this call, but we’re always looking." -- Tim Cook, April 28, 2022

    If there are businesses Disney is in that Apple has no interest in -- parks, comic books, publishing, cruise ships, whatever -- I imagine Apple would divest them or license them to others. On the other hand, if Disneyland became the largest Apple Store ever...

    Disney's market cap is as low as it will go right now. Apple can return its $200B cash on hand to investors or spend it on some iP. Investors are already happy with Apple. And Apple investor Warren Buffett loves Disney. I believe IP is a better long-term choice.
  • Apple pulled a record 439K apps in Q2, including abandonware

    I don’t mind Apple removing old apps from the store. But as a developer, I really wish they would fix a related bug. Apps that have been pulled from the store don’t work with TestFlight. TestFlight has become an essential tool for developers, and blocking access to it for apps we are trying to update is annoying.
  • Apple looking to expand its nascent advertising business

    Uh, remember iAd? 
    I do. I'm an app developer, and the iAd banner ads generated more money for my apps than AdMob does with combined banners and interstitials. iAd was wonderful for developers.
  • Apple warns developers it will pull apps without recent updates from the App Store

    I'm a longtime developer, and this is nothing new. It's been going on for years. If you don't update your app for several years, Apple pulls them, with 30 days warning. It may seem harsh to some, but it's fair. Users don't want to slog through ancient apps in the App Store that don't run on current devices. Aspect ratios change, APIs come and go, notches or none. If you can't update your apps to the latest devices, it only gets harder waiting another year. This is a difference between Apple platforms and Windows. Windows tries to keep 30-year-old software working on the latest OS; Apple says nope. Works for active developers, not great for lazy ones.
  • Arm going public after $66 billion Nvidia buy deal falls apart

    lorca2770 said:

    Just a question, since time makes me forget. Wasn’t Arm developed by Apple, and Steve Jobs sold the company in the times of necessity? Careful! I am not talking about the false narrative of Microsoft. Only about Arm

    In 1990, when Acorn's RISC chip division didn't have the funds to implement Apple's requested changes for Newton, ARM was formed, a joint venture of Apple, VLSI and Acorn (with Acorn's IP). When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Newton was discontinued and Apple sold its stake in ARM for a big profit, helping Apple's balance sheet until Steve could release iMacs, iPods and eventually iPhones and iPads. (Ironic that both Newton and iPhone were based on ARM.)