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  • Apple Watch authentication for more actions tipped for macOS 10.15

    I had the problem of my Series 3 Watch not unlocking my Mac. I worked diligently (and calmly) with Apple Support. The performed some telemetric functions, getting data from my Watch and my Mac, and we eventually worked things out. Once the procedure started working again, it has never failed for me. I even sent a thank-you note about the great service I got to Tim Cook, and a few days later, got an email from his address acknowledging my comment. That was in May 2017, and my Watches (I now have a Series 4) have unlocked my Mac perfectly ever since.
  • Apple in talks to put Apple Watch into the hands of Medicare users

    volcan said:
    My problem with the Apple Watch is that I need to use my reading glasses to see the small text. I can't do that while driving because the reading glasses only focus for a close distance - not suitable while driving or even walking around for that matter. I'm thinking of getting RK but I've read it doesn't remain effective past a few years.
    The simple solution here is to use Voice Over, part of the accessibility features on most all Apple devices. I was blind for three years recently and relied on Voice Over to "tell" me what was on the screen. For those who are driving and don't want to move their hands off the wheel, you could just ask Siri to read things like text messages and dictate messages to other people. Hands free, eyes free, what could be better?
  • Apple axes Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

    I've found Google Remote Desktop to be useful accessing a Mac from an iPad, although there are some areas it doesn't work well, such as Command-click selection of files from a list and its inability to work with Spaces. Overall, Google Remote Desktop was easier to setup and more reliable to access than Back to My Mac, although you have to hold your nose while using a product from Alphabet.
  • You are the product if you use a Roku streamer, says company CEO

    DAalseth said: "I sure hope they don't get really pushy with the ads." Don't you understand? YOU are the ad. Roku makes money off of you. What if someone wanted to punish you for viewing a lot of content on CNN? The government can now identify you and come after you. It's what gun-rights advocates feared so much about gun registration. With Roku, you're now registered as a certain type of person, based on your viewing habits.