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  • Apple TV with A12X ready to go at any time, claims leaker

    eightzero said:
    Query: if you bought HD movies on iTunes before they offered 4k, you get the free upgrade to the 4k version of those?
    Depends on the studio. Many of them agreed to upgrade to 4K through Apple, but Disney (as a huge example) did not.
  • Walmart sells Vudu to Fandango as it exits streaming market

    gentooguy said:

    ...Wal-Mart launched Vudu almost 20 years ago to sell MP3 downloads and DVDs...
    Most of your statement is correct, but Walmart did not launch Vudu, nor has it been 20 years (it's been 10). Vudu was launched as a startup 16 years ago, and they had their own box (see for a review and unboxing pics), which they unveiled in 2007. It was a competitor for iTunes movie rentals (the first Apple TV launched at the same time). Netflix and Roku produced the "Roku Netflix Player" in 2008 and that sort of killed Vudu's aims with its box. They stopped the box in very early 2010 and Walmart bought them soon thereafter.
  • Microsoft brings formerly Windows-centric Defender antivirus to macOS

    Oh, the comments... look, the reason it's being offered is easy: If a business is deploying Macs alongside their Windows boxes, then using Defender across both platforms makes it easier for everyone. And it's not necessarily being rolled-out to protect the Macs, but rather to help make sure the Macs aren't used as an attack vector against the Windows boxes. It only makes sense.
  • Hands on: Controlling your smart home with HomeKit on macOS Mojave

    sirozha said:
    Can someone explain to me where HomeKit lives? Before it was possible to control HomeKit devices from outside of one’s Home network (via the Apple TV or iPad hub), HomeKit devices could be controlled from the iPhone over the local Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth.  But the same HomeKit settIngs (rooms, scenes, etc.) were available from multiple iPhones (or iPads) on the same iCloud account.

    So, where do these settings live? In iCloud? If so, what happens if the Internet is cut off? Can the iPhone control the HomeKit devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using the Home app while the Internet connection is down or is the Internet connection a requirement so that the iPhone (or iPad) can get the HomeKit settings from iCloud? 

    I do realize that Internet is required for controlling devices from outside the house, but is it required for controlling devices from inside the house? 

    I’ve been using HomeKit since it was released, but I don’t completely understand where the central place that stores all the settings is. 
    The settings sync to iCloud but live on each iOS (and now macOS) on your account and those who share the home with you. You have to have a home hub (iPad that stays at home all the time, Apple TV, or HomePod) for it to work outside of your local network. And, yes, your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch can control everything if you are on your local network and your ISP connection is down.
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay support included in new Pioneer dash receivers

    That's too bad. Though, really... I think it's been about six months since I last looked at the Vevo app on my Apple TV, so...
    levansic said:
    ...boasts a bunch of technology that is completely obviated by CarPlay (SD, CD/DVD, SiriusXM)...
    Before I had kids I thought the DVD was on its way out. Let me tell you: It's not. Sure, you could rip them and maybe use CarPlay show video on a second and/or third screen... but I don't think you can ever anticipate which DVD to rip (and do you really want to rip them all?).