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  • Apple to restore mask requirement at Apple Stores

    MplsP said:
    That’s such a PITA! 
    No, it’s a PITA that we had every opportunity to be done with this pandemic and a bunch of selfish idiots managed to mess it up 
    Yeah, and that won't change until they face consequences.
    elijahg said:
    That’s such a PITA! 
    It takes 2 seconds to put the mask on. How is it "such a PITA"?
    It’s not necessary if you’re vaccinated. 
    Not according to the posted story. It says vaccinated people will be forced to also. 
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    The correct decision. Or they could ask to see your Covid vaccination certificate in your Apple wallet with no need to wear a mask in the store.
    I'd be down for this. This way the anti-vaxxers will face consequences and the rest of us have a choice.

    Back to not going into stores unless I have to. Was nice going to the new Apple Store in my city (was last there for iPhone 12 launch and it was akin to a toll booth setup). Won't be back until they can let me in without a mask. Was vaccinated in Feb and the only ones being inconvenienced are the responsible ones, all so spineless politicians don't have to anger the irresponsible ones by making them face consequences (apart from fear of death since that obviously doesn't work on them).
  • 2018 iPad now for sale at Apple store, in-store pickup available at most locations in US

    Much hay has been made of the higher refresh rate on the iPP being important for smoothness when using Pencil. I'm wondering if it feels a lot less smooth on this iPad. I barely use my budget iPad from last year, which is my first one. I wanted Pencil features, but not willing to pay for iPP for the amount I'd use it. I'd pretty much solely use it for digitizing my bullet journal without having to scan pages from a dead-tree Moleskine. I'd consider trading in my "old" iPad for this, if it's not much worse than iPP.