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  • Mac mini, 14-inch & 16-inch MacBook Pro rumored to get M2 Pro in the next year

    This is just a stupid article.   Of course the M2 pro will be out within a year and guess what. In 2-3 years it will be M3 and M3 pro. And so on and so on.  Oh hey wait. I’ll be there will be an A16 and then A17 iPhone pro.  In the next year and two.   🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Stage Manager for iPadOS 16 limited to M1 over memory, storage speed requirements

    dewme said:
    I can relate to both sides of this issue. There’s always been an undercurrent of belief that the iPad Pros are being “held back” by limitations in iPadOS. Apple itself has often touted how some of the iPad Pros hardware specs eclipse those of traditional laptop and even desktop PCs. So yeah, when Apple rolls out a cool new feature that many folks believe releases the iPad Pro from its supposed shackles and these new features are not terribly unlike the sort of things that are common on all of those supposedly eclipsed competitors, why wouldn’t it raise a lot of questions for owners of slightly older iPad Pros?

    On the other hand Apple wants to make sure that whatever it releases meets their quality standards, which include performance and user experience. Apple owns both the software and hardware pieces of the puzzle, so anything that comes across as substandard will reflect directly on Apple. Contrast this with Microsoft, who in the past, placed very few restrictions on which systems could install Windows 10. Some of the resulting installations would yield absolutely abysmal performance and be practically useless, but that was the hardware vendor’s problem, not Microsoft’s. Apple can’t point the finger at itself - even when it’s their own fault.

    I posed the question earlier whether those who feel left behind by Apple’s restrictions on Stage Manager would have been happier if Apple delayed the release of the feature a year or two so “left behind” iPad Pro owners would feel better. I personally think that doing so would be a mistake. I’d rather see Apple pushing the envelope at the cost of slight fragmentation rather than designing around a lowest common denominator. That’s just my take..

    As far as the shrinkydink feature shown in the linked article, all I can say is that there’s a big difference between a prototype and a release ready feature. It’s also not uncommon for proponents of individual features to struggle to get their feature into a product release. Determining what the “release defining features” of a product will be has always been a friction point between engineering and marketing. I’ve seen supposedly release defining features dropped at the last minute, only to reappear 3 or 4 releases later or even never. Head spinning. Who’s wrong and who’s right depends on which side of the fence you’re on. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to project at the point of inception what the cost (to the customer) of holding back one feature so another one can get released will be. Maybe if Apple had a fully trustworthy set of Alpha/Beta customers who would respect NDAs and not leak like a sieve they could field test some of these things more intensely and make smarter choices. Highly unlikely.
    Well explained and I think you hit the nail on the head.   In the next two years all iPad will have at least the M1 with the pros at M2 or 3 with only the budget iPad remaining with A series. 

    At that point if you want stage manager you buy  the iPad that supports it that you can afford. If you just want the budget ipad than I suspect that stage manager is not an important feature to you anyways.  They had to pull the trigger on it eventually and yes that means that some current “pro” iPads miss out. That’s par for the course with tech.   And I agree. You don’t half ass it on the older ones if the experience is going to suffer.  That’s bad for your brand as a whole.    Actually a smart long term play by Apple, although I suspect many won’t agree. 
  • Apple still plans iPad Pro updates for fall 2022

    I suspect this is exactly Apples plan.  Once the new pros with M2 are released the M1 will make it to the standard IPad and Mini. Already in the air.    This way all iPads moving forward will get to take advantage of stage manager.  
    However I suspect there will be one budget version that will continue to use the A series. It will sub 300 dollars for the people who could care less about stage manager. (They don’t or won’t know what it is ) 

    people with 2020 pros are bitter that stage manager doesn’t work but that’s the nature of the beast with tech.    For new features to work (well) often new hardware is needed.  

    The pros will stay a chip generation ahead of the standard 
  • Apple's AR & VR headset not expected at WWDC, launch in 2023 instead

    When will these so called tech news sites actually report anything useful.  It’s the same BS every year.  New product coming at WWDC.  New product not coming at WWDC.  New product actually coming in (insert year here).  

  • YouTube kills off Picture-in-Picture on iOS app

    KBuffett said:
    I don’t understand why Apple don’t implement PIP for all apps. Kinda like this this that Microsoft implemented decades ago call Windows. 
    Apple allows it for all apps.  It’s up to the app developer incorporate it into their app.