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  • Disney returns working iPhone to owner, after two months underwater

    iCloud/Photos can sync over LTE. When I was in Israel in 2018, I turned on unlimited data through T-Mobile because the hotel WiFi was so bad. I also turned on cellular data for iCloud and Photos.

    Overnight, the device uploaded 37GB of photos and videos over LTE, something it hasn't been able to do over the WiFi for nearly two weeks.

    (Unfortunately T-Mobile had a worldwide roaming throttling issue for the next couple of days and I didn't get to enjoy full LTE speeds the rest of the trip. They refunded the unlimited roaming fees as a consolation.)
  • Disney returns working iPhone to owner, after two months underwater

    (Oops, this was originally a duplicate post. I'll make the best of it.)

    I will add that with Photo Stream and cellular data for Photos enabled, pics and vids are uploaded close to when they are taken, so even if it ends up underwater (or otherwise out of service), anything the phone was able to upload beforehand will be stored in the cloud. I use it all the time with my multiple phones, iPads, and Macs (I'm a developer and photographer/videographer and have a tendency to collect Apple gear).

    Just in case anyone didn't know this...
  • NTSB lays partial blame on Apple for fatal Tesla crash involving employee

    You can't legislate against stupid.

    Also, rhetorically...

    Who hires/appoints these people that work for federal agencies, anyway?  Apple and Tesla are to blame because the driver broke multiple laws and misused/abused technology?

    In the world I live in, I have to take responsibility for my own actions.
  • Sonnet Fusion Dual SATA SSD card offers Mac Pro storage expansion over PCIe

    While it's a great option for the 7,1, I think it's a greater option for extending the life of 5,1's, of which I have two.

    I was considering getting a SAS card and some retrofit kits to support a handful of spinners in my 3,1 and 5,1's to try to get the transfer rate up, but this looks to be a much better option all around. Save the spinners and SAS stuff for a dedicated external enclosure or dedicated server.

  • FCC formally approves T-Mobile and Sprint merger

    rob53 said:
    Forget about the fallacy of competition driving innovation, all we're seeing is certain areas getting service while others don't because the companies only provide service where they can make money. 

    For 100 years, AT&T had the opportunity to build out to everybody. And they didn't. For the same reason you just mentioned. Money.  It makes no difference if it's 10 big companies, four big companies, or one single company. When decisions are left up to managers who have to meet a budget, the needs of the consumer are faceless, lost in a sea of balance sheets.

    In the 1960's, farmers in rural areas of Utah and Nevada were deemed too expensive for Ma Bell to spend the time serving. One of my former bosses got a certificate from the FCC to serve those customers. He strung copper lines along fenceposts, built some of the switching gear by hand, and bought old surplus equipment to patch together a working phone company. For years the gear sat in old semi-trailers, and he would fly his Mooney like a bush pilot, going from ranch to ranch for installs, maintenance, and repairs. Over the next 50 years the company grew to cover communities in 11 counties across both states.

    That company deployed gigabit fiber to the home in 2007 to those originally unserved communities, and expanded the lines to include customers who had never had a phone in their life. Meanwhile I twiddle my thumbs with CenturyLink's measly 3Mbps DSL in a suburban area: that service hasn't changed a bit since 2007.

    Without incentive, large companies like the RBOCs and cable companies stagnate, period. That incentive comes in the form of potential loss of customers revenue. When Google Fiber announced it was coming to Utah, Comcast and CenturyLink either slashed prices or began massive upgrades--but only in areas where Google announced it was planning to build out.