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  • Check out all the new features in Apple's first iOS 12 beta

    There are still some basic features for iOS, I'm deeply missing:

    This is my Top 10:

    1. Safari should use the general text-size settings for text on webpages. Apple talks much about accessibility, but this basic feature that every desktop-browser has, is missing in iOS. Many people get worse eyes when getting older and if you zoom into a webpage, you have to scroll horizontally, what is annoying.

    2. Native swype-support on the iOS-keyboard without the need to install a third-party-app.

    3. If you play a video (in an app or in a Safari-tab), the sound should keep playing when you switch to another Safari-tab, another app, the notification-center, the control-center, the homescreen, the multitasking-view and so on. Because there is no need to stop the video, only because you have a quick look at a notification or anything like that. And in many videos, the sound is much more important than the picture, like e.g. a lecture, a talk or anything like that.

    4. The calculator-app should have a built-in converter for length, area, volume, weight, temperature and currencies.

    5. The AirPrint-dialog should offer an option to choose between printing in color or b/w and to print 2,4 or 6 pages on one sheet of paper.

    6. The contacts in the phone-app show your own contact at top. That's great. There is no need, to show your own contact between the others too.

    7. The contacts in the phone-app should show all characters in the quick-navigation at the right edge and not dots instead of some of them.

    8. Contacts that start with a punctuation mark shoule be sorted in the #-section at the end, similar like contacts that start with a number.

    9. Safari should get a gesture to quickly switch between open tabs without opening the tab-view. E.g. swiping right/left in the URL-bar.

    10. Apple Maps should get much better. There are still many parks and woods displayed grey instead of green. Many footpaths in parks and woods are missing completely. The footprints of buildings should be shown. Many points-of-interests have a wrong position (e.g. if a big POI like a mall, a museum, and so on is shown, the icon should be, where the entrance is, and not at a side of the building where is no entrance). The navigation should be much better. Etc. etc. etc. Apple Maps is so important, but should get so much better...