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  • Remote Mac hack relies on MDM bug Apple patched in latest macOS update

    lkrupp said:
    Listen up all you users who refuse to update for various, usually irrational, reasons. Keep your damn systems up to date. The Apple discussion forums are full of posts from users wanting to roll back updates because something happened and they don’t want to troubleshoot the issue. “I just updated to macOS 10.13.6 and my printer stopped working. How do I go back to 10.13.4?” Or, “I updated to 10.13.6 and this third party game I downloaded six years ago doesn’t work anymore. How do I go back to plain old Sierra?”

    Well, you get the drift. 
    Yes. Spend your money on new hardware and replace something that has been working for long time. Do you actually work in Apple marketting department? You sound like you do.
    Apple has bad approach and low quality testing and coding these days and that is fact I found out from buddy who just left their development team in Mac in Cupertino. We are from the same region in finance (NYC). You cannot afford to be that arrogant to business users in our area. That is why Apple is niche in it. You do test and support working sytuff or you are gone in no time.Updates and upgrades are rolled out in proper waves and timing - vendor can do this at any time but when something brakes they are "Johnny-on-thespot" and fix overnight or else. I know what was doen in Goldman Saxchs at the time an trust me even Microsoft had to bend and listen.
    This!! To expect that every user should just upgrade "...just cause" is ignorant to so many factors, especially in the business world.
  • Maxed out 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro at $6699 isn't Apple's most expensive laptop ever

    $3400 seems a bit high for 4TB SSD... Any idea what brand they are using?
  • Maxed out 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro at $6699 isn't Apple's most expensive laptop ever

    If anything, one still can't believe that the display isn't more edge-to-edge. This continues to make the entire MacBook line still appear dated.

    THIS!  And why no better than 720P camera and no FaceID?!

    Macs have some whimpy tech features compared to iOS devices.
    Not sure why anyone would need anything better than a 720p and FaceID on the Mac.