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  • Japan to seek up to 20% fine for monopolistic practices by Apple

    Apple could either
    1. leave the Japanese smartphone market entirely,
    2. remove its own app store (and everyone's app store) from the Japanese smartphone market, or 
    3. allow (or require) Android as the OS for iPhone users in the Japanese market. No more iOS on iPhones in Japan.
    Just for idle chit chat, the amusing thought crossed my mind, what if Apple just capped aggregate App Store transactions so that the per capita threshold was below the competition… oops, no more app purchases for you this year because you live in the EU and your android friends aren’t buying enough apps…
  • Clicks brings a physical keyboard to your iPhone

    AppleZulu said:
    "When a physical keyboard is attached to the iPhone, the digital one slides down, giving way to more content. On the iPhone 15 Pro the keyboard takes up almost the entire display."

    Is that really true? I don't think it is.
    Almost is a broad term. For example, I tell my wife I consider the color of anything not black to be almost white. Then I never have to figure out what fuschia is, or make decorating decisions. 

    I think if you don’t find that screen statement deeply valuable, and perhaps validating, you’re just failing to capitalize on the full value of the English language. 
  • Senator's paranoia opens door for Apple to speak out on government censorship

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’d consider this a bigger deal than AI seems to make it. Push notifications often include the first line or so of a message or interaction. This seems to be an ability to single tap into all push notifications and if so would include a tremendous range of information from financial payments to two factor authentication to email messages to text messages and just about everything that crosses your phone in a brief summary format. Worse yet it’s only partial context and content, so, if this were guiding any sort of action, there would be a lot of assumptions made.  This is a far more reaching view with far more simplicity than just about anything else I can imagine. Most other surveillance mechanisms, you would be tapping into single systems, and it would be much more difficult to get this comprehensive of a view from a single pipe. I’m impressed this could be suppressed for what I assume is a long period of time. 
  • Heavy Apple Vision Pro leads Apple to lighten future headsets

    Listen. This shouldn’t be a problem. For 10 years we’ve all been hunched over our phones straining our trapezius, splenius, and rhomboid muscles. We should be strong now. This shouldn’t be a problem. 
  • Hands on: Apple's new FineWoven iPhone 15 cases

    I would love some close-up pictures of the stitching and side seams on the wallet. I ditched the leather wallet because the seams did not hold up over time and the seam sealant or edge treatment was flaking off a few weeks in. Straight up stitching could be much sturdier on fine woven.