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  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    SpamSandwich said:

    Interestingly, my doctor (who is a head physician at his university) also endorsed the use of HCQ when I asked him in a completely non-political context.

    Yeah, one of the more asinine aspects of 2020 is why in the world a 60 year old malaria drug should suddenly become so hotly politicized.  Lives are potentially at risk, and people want to play politics?  Kinda disgusting.
  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    avon b7 said:

    Effectiveness has to be studied and that will take time. 

    Even Vitamin D might help in some cases but everything needs to be studied. 

    We can't take the clinical approach used for one person and then extrapolate it to the wider population.

    That doesn't work. 

    Clinically speaking, your medical advisor will do what he/she considers best for you given your own particular state of health.

    Right now there simply isn't a cure for COVID-19 and there is still a lot to be learned. 

    The fact that Bolsonaro recovered doesn't mean the treatment he received can be considered a cure.

    I agree that vitamin D has shown to play a preventative/healing role as well, good point.

    However it's a medical truism that each patient is a little different, and so there's hardly a cure-all which is going to be 100% effective in all cases no matter what the disease may be.

    Nevertheless though, HCQ + zinc has shown to be incredibly effective against covid, and the nice thing about HCQ is that I believe the drug is 60 years old or so by now, and so we know the side effects etc.

    That being the case, you really have to question the wisdom of the lockdowns etc when such a cheap and readily available drug is there to help those who may need it.
  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    cat52 said:

    I mean God forbid if there were a cheap cure for covid.  No, can't have that.

    Unfortunately, there isn't.  That's why every major country in the world is looking for one.

    Are you familiar with who Jair Bolsonaro is?

    Well he's the 65 year old president of Brazil, a country of 210+ million people.

    So when Bolsonaro contracted covid over the summer, presumably he had access to some of the best healthcare in the world.

    And what did he & his team of doctors choose for his treatment?  Well they chose HCQ + zinc.

    And in a matter of days, Bolsonaro had beaten covid and was back on the job, better than ever.

    So why do you persist in saying HCQ isn't effective?

    Well I know the reason why.  It's because we all have our favorite media outlets, and unless our favorite journalist blesses a given position, we reject it out of hand.

    It's tribalism in action, but it's not a good look, so I would encourage anyone to rediscover the joys of thinking for yourself.

    At least give it a try sometime, for you just might like it.
  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    SpamSandwich said:

    And how many people who must use HCQ as part of their medical regimen (such as people who live in malaria zones or those with lupus) have also contracted COVID? Take a look at Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand. Incidences of COVID and related deaths are very low there. Country to country comparisons are fraught with problems because there are so many factors at play. Do their low rates mean definitively that HCQ is the reason they’ve experienced such success? Of course not, but it absolutely could be a factor.

    Yeah, agreed.

    Hard to say with 100% certainty since so many factors are at play amongst various countries as you correctly pointed out, but nonetheless it certainly appears there could be some causality here.

    In a sane world this would be a correlation worth investigating, but as I mentioned before most things these days are driven by money and there's just not any money to be made with HCQ, hence all the vitriol against it.

    I mean God forbid if there were a cheap cure for covid.  No, can't have that.
  • Cough analysis app could detect COVID-19 by sound alone

    StrangeDays said:

    OMG, I can't believe you're citing the alien demon sperm voodoo doctor org. What a joke. You've been duped, son.

    ....when the POTUS was treated with the finest socialized medicine system in the world, guess what drug he wasn't prescribed? Hydroxychloroquine. Because it was all bullshit, which you apparently fell for.

    As I stated in a subsequent post, AFD are merely one example of doctors who are willing to go in front of the cameras to challenge the official covid narrative.  But there are plenty of others who have done so as well.

    Regarding your other point when the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, contacted covid, he was treated with hydroxychloroquine + zinc and made a speedy recovery despite being 65 years of age.

    So yes, hydroxychloroquine does work and works well.

    The reason the media always ridicule hydroxychloroquine is because it's an old drug no longer on patent, meaning big pharma doesn't make any money off it.  And who are the major advertisers across the media landscape?  Well the pharmaceutical companies of course.

    Now you know why the media doesn't like hydroxychloroquine, for they are merely protecting the interests of their largest advertisers.

    If you didn't realize the above, then I guess you've been duped, son.