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  • 'iPhone 13' could borrow always-on screen from Apple Watch

    avon b7 said:
    Japhey said:
    daniPhone said:
    Wow! Only about 10 years behind android on that feature!
    Who cares? 
    Anyone using an iPhone and wanting this feature probably cares. This is a feature that will be very welcome, even if very late to market. There have been a lot of features over the last few years that have been eagerly awaited and then finally arrived. Many people here have even publicly stated that have held off upgrading until X feature arrived.

    I'm sure some are holding off right now just on the rumours of higher screen refresh rates. Others will be waiting on a periscope lens. Others will be waiting for higher power wireless charging, bigger batteries etc.

    And there are some who are waiting for a pony. Or maybe a unicorn! /s
  • US Government, NATO accuse China of Microsoft Exchange attacks

    China is such a copycat! Now they're copying the activities of the CIA, the US is gonna be really mad!
  • How Apple's rumored 'Apple Pay Later' could prove lucrative

    The dollar was backed by gold.  Then, under Nixon, it went to the "Full Faith & Credit of the United States" -- backed by the world's mightiest industrial empire.   But the industry moved out.
    The military did not.
  • TSMC chairman confirms Arizona plant will begin chip production in 2024

    rob53 said:
    doggone said:
    rob53 said:
    I would hope this would benefit chip production in the US but why Arizona? Cheap land and taxes? TSMC is not an American company and all profits (after taxes) will not stay in the US. Will the citizens of Arizona accept a Taiwanese company or will they boycott them as being non-American? I guess money talks more than anything else but how much is Phoenix paying them to build there? Are they selling out the citizens like Wisconsin did with the failed Foxconn major installation?
    You could say the same for car companies.  There are plenty of foreign manufacturers for cars in the US.  There are no complaints about that anymore.  Maybe in the beginning but now it just means jobs for locals and revenue for the city. 

    It would be great to see that site successful and pave the way for more high end manufacturing in the US.  
    It's interesting that foreign automotive companies are building cars in the US because it's cheaper while American automotive companies continue to outsource to Mexico and Canada for the majority of their car production. Tesla is the leading American company using the majority of American made parts and construction. 
    If you're making cars in Germany for the American market and you're taxed on emissions including transport of vehicles to customers, it makes more sense to manufacture in the US. If you're in the US making cars for the American market and you're not taxed on the emissions...
  • UK Parliament calls for 50/50 streaming royalties split between artists and record labels

    What gets my goat is the argument that streaming is not analogous to a radio station, but rather to a record store. Really? You're claiming that with a straight face?

    If I go to a record store and buy music, I own a copy of it. I can pretty much do what I like with it, including (with limitations) loan it to a friend.

    The ownership rights for a song I stream? Zero.

    Streaming is exactly like a radio station, except I'm the DJ. Pay the artists on a 50/50 split for streaming, just like for radio.