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  • Apple's headset will need killer apps & services to be successful

    digitol said:
    Pretty sure this is going to be a flop. Sad. Sigh, Apple has lost its way.  I’d like to see development more on screen tech sensor suites, get rid of the notch, bring edge to edge display, battery  tech,  and foremost better refining and maturing of software. Less update cycles and more stability and fixes would be welcome. Also it appears AGI is on the rise, meanwhile Siri remains lobotomized. Probably should see some work on that. Only things lately that I have enjoyed with Apple products is the Apple Watch health, and the Apple TV.  M series Mac’s have been great too, but have a ways to go. 
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  • Apple blocked over $2 billion in fraudulent transactions & 1.7 million bogus apps in 2022

    These figures should be kept in mind when Apple faces criticism for not stopping every scam that is attempted. I'm not saying Apple can't improve, or that they shouldn't try; we just need to recognise that the company is doing a lot of things right and the scale of the problem is a lot bigger than most people can conceive.
  • Third ex-Apple engineer charged over Apple Car technology theft

    mac_dog said:
    hekg said:
    Hey American companies, how about you stop hiring Chinese employees?   

    Everything high tech that china has is all a bad copy of an American product.  Including and especially military technology which one day they soon they will use against the US!

    Stop hiring chinese people that still have any ties to china.
    American companies are unable to fill their tech job vacancies with American labor alone, so they are forced to import them from India and China. Even though it is risky and expensive they have little to no choice. If you wanna point the finger at someone, you can point it at the privileged US education system, entitled mindset, and the two bickering political parties that don't seem to know how to solve for anything.
    And if the republicans get their way, it will be even worse. No science, no books. What else?
    No more teachers' dirty looks?
  • Fopo S17 triple monitor review: Portable but precarious

  • Stop us if you've heard this before: There's a new Apple Silicon killer in town

    bulk001 said:
    Funny that the results were not so nebulous that you could write a whole article on it now. Why the rush to judgement? Why not just wait till machines with the new AMD chip are released and then you know, report actual results?  Crazy idea right?
    It's worth an immediate response that verifies the reported results as at least somewhat credible. Apple's claims when the M1 chip was announced underwent the same scrutiny from the PC side of the fence; the difference was that Apple had complete systems available to test in a short timeframe after their announcement, tuned to perfection. Since AMD is only selling the SoC, we have to wait for the chips to be available in commercial quantities and for properly-engineered systems to be developed and then hope that the other performance factors in a PC don't have a meaningful real world impact on the chip comparison.

    If you're buying a laptop today or in the next few months, Apple remains the performance leader in general computing tasks. If you can wait six months, re-evaluate then.