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  • Tile says AirTags helped its business, still says Apple is 'unfair'

    Well business is up because Tile is a far better product! Apple fan since the 80’s i rushed to the airtags only to find that if I want to stick it to my bicycle i need a third party add on, if i want to put it with my keys a need to drill a hole in it but what is very limiting is that you can have only 16. Why? Why is that? I have bags, car, bike, kids backpack, umbrellas etc. why limit it? And why 16? Not 31? Or 43? Or 9 and a half? And you cannot share it so
    my son has an air tag in his school pack but I cannot see it and look for it when in the morning we are rushing out and everyone is late. So, all back to Tiles! Waiting for Apple, as usual, to do a better and improved v2…
  • Child spends $16K on iPad game in-app purchases

    I like the last line! Apple attempted to educate people... I love it! It shows today’s view of the world, and especially the views from a blog called well... AppleInsider. Instead of renouncing a bit of profit after making only billions every month, after sending a letter to developers to switch from a paid app model to an in-app purchase model, Apple tried to educate... Let’s put it like it is: in-app are a scam using the most tricky and dark ways in order to trick human mind into spending. It’s like gambling, it creates addiction and should be forbidden on games targeted to under 16’s as gambling is. Game developers know this and build games around this, pushing people more and more and more. Oh yes, sure! It’s people will! Well remember that day when you came home tired or simply sad or upset and that rush generated by your favourite game made you fell better. Well, now you understand. Game developer use tons of psy to understand and push that feeling. And Apple is an accomplice as it is well aware. But money is money. Oh, i forgot! It is mother’s fault. True. Under the most terrific pandemic ever, after working her ass off and getting home tired she had to obviously check and spank the boy that she left in company of what she thought to be safe: an Apple device. Where is Tim Cook, so ready to cancel shows he does not agree of in the name of a Better World, or donate to causes he thinks will Improve the Workd and the better understanding and equality of People? Will he stand up against a business model that under the name “services” just grew 20 per cent last quarter and is taxed at 2 per cent in a far remote tax heaven?