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  • Tesla, BMW don't appear to be gearing up to join Apple's new CarPlay vision


    Tesla infotainment system
    Tesla infotainment system


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     Never like Tesla. Mediocre design in and out to me personally. I mean, look at the display  :s 
  • ESR HaloLock review: everything a MagSafe car charger should be

    Japhey said:
    It’s dark color means it blends in a little better against most dashboards. Unlike Belkins solution, which sticks out like a sore thumb. 
    CarPlay is only available in cars that support it wirelessly. 

    I can’t wait to see how Apple uses the NFC in MagSafe to enable CarPlay on the port-less iPhones coming our way. 
    There's a wireless adapter that replaces the wire
    I don't particularly confidence with the vent clamp though. There're better products that really locks the blade using an extendable arm and the tightening nut. The one here looks like it can be easily snapped off.
  • Nobody will win the Apple versus Epic Fortnite battle, not even consumers

    On August 13, Epic, developer of the wildly popular battle-royale game Fortnite, began baiting Apple and Google into legal battles. The game developer is playing a game, and it is a strategic one with all to play for.

    It was a calculated move on Epic's part. The CEO, Todd Sweeney, has long been critical of these commission fees. In July, he went on record calling Apple's App Store an "absolute monopoly." 
    Its Tim Sweeney dammit. Sweeney Todd is Tim burton's movie starring Johnny depp
    Found the CEO here folks! Getting mad finding out that they put his name wrong
  • Modular 'Apple Glass' frame components may offer opportunities for expansion

    rikipedia said:
    There is no way "Apple Glass - The Full Experience" is only going to cost $400 as is commonly reported. By the time a user has purchased all of the "modularity" pieces this article purports, I believe Apple Glass is going to cost much more than this. 
    At the cost of Apple Pro wheels I imagine, the frame
  • The A13 chip in Apple's cheapest iPhone SE beats the most expensive Androids

    5G offers little more than faster battery drain and often the requirement to pay extra for mobile service, whether that 5G service is consistently available and capable of delivering noticeably better, real-world mobile data speeds than the best 4G LTE or not.
    This is the part I’m curious about. Will I be able to purchase a non-5G iPhone 12? Could I get a 5G iPhone 12 but stay on a plan that won’t allow me to connect to 5G? Where I live and travel the most has not had any “real” 5G roll-out. It’s likely iPhone 12 will have other new features I’m interested in but being forced to pay for cellular service I can’t receive doesn’t make much sense. 
    More likely. You can either use 3/4G mobile plan or you can disable them in settings. The same option available in Settings>Mobile Data>Data & Voice: 2G/3G/4G