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  • All the new features in iOS 17 CarPlay: offline maps, SharePlay, more

    Carplay on the Mustang Mach-E constantly drops whether it is music or maps. And it reliably gets rid of the map anytime someone sends a thumbs-up to a text message. This usually happens as i arrive at an intersection and don’t know where to go. 

    Native Ford GPS is more reliable. 
  • Last-minute Apple headset spec leak exposes details about sensors, cameras, and more

    What kind of egotistical self-aggrandizing tool would “leak” this hours before the keynote. it is not news. Appleinsider does us all a disservice by promulgating useless tripe. 
  • Group of online heavyweights bands together to defend Section 230

    I don’t have a problem with the internet. It is the internet users. Just like I don’t have a problem with guns. Just the users. But since we can’t control users...
  • Group of online heavyweights bands together to defend Section 230

    Beware the law of unexpected consequences. When Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine (in place since the beginning of radio) he set the stage not only for Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, but for the News as a profit center—which is why we have the daily murder, rape, and arson shows without the benefit of Walter Cronkite. 

    My concern about repealing 230 is that it unites Trump and Biden. My concern about keeping it is that it unites the internet billionaires. (And somehow Wikipedia). 

    I think the internet is too important to leave to our utterly corrupt government. Or the business sector. Of religion. Is there ANY honest organization that can oversee the net?
  • Epic 'Fortnite' battles, a last Intel iMac, and $2 trillion -- Apple's August 2020 in Revi...

    This is a battle among billionaires and Trillionaires. Neither is exactly starving. While Apple did not invent apps, it did create the environment wherein app developers could thrive. Epic thrived exceptionally well. But now their goal is to increase profit not through creating new or better products, but by getting a court to take money away from Apple. While it is possible that epic would exist without the App Store, it would not have its current valuation. Not by a long shot. But rather than gratitude to Apple for allowing them to become extremely rich, they really want to get even richer by court action. 

    What has Epic created that has 1 tenth the value of the App Store? 30% may seem high, but hundreds of thousands of creators use it and make good money without the App Store what would their situation be?