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  • Security researchers warn of scam VPN apps on iOS

    Agree superkloton, has been posted for over 12 hours and no one has fixed this issue, come on AppleInsider team!
  • If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today

    BigDann said:
    You know there is a very easy fix here!

    The installer looks at its certificates and the systems date. So as long as the systems date is older than the expiring cert the installer won't be the wiser!

    As an example I just installed Sierra on an old 2011 iMac. I altered the systems Date & Time setting to manual and then back dated it to Jan 2017. Restarted the system and then ran the OS installer USB thumb drive I've setup. Once done reset the Date and Time to automatic and its done!
    Workarounds (like yours) are good to know in a pinch. The fix is to download the images, with the new certificate, because setting back a system clock can have unintended consequences.

    Mike you said ‘ The fix is to download the images, with the new certificate,‘ sorry if I am being dense, but how do you do this now the installers are no longer available?
  • Editorial: Apple just told you that they aren't going to make an 'iPhone SE 2' any time so...

    Wel yes an SE2 is about size but it's also about price, while $449 may see like a great price point the iPhone SE base model was $399 while that doesn't seem a lot of difference with the economies of scale Apple have now there is no reason if they wanted to they couldn't offer an iPhone SE2 starting at $349.

    The reality is Apple needs to look at the fact that it is losing market share, not because it's iPhones are no good but other than buying Old technology (iPhone 8) Apple has no current technology level product at a reason price point.

    In the developed world we may not feel this is important but the less well off people in the world are voting with their feet, if Apple fails to offer this massive segment of the market a viably priced product it is the Apple ecosystem that will lose out to Android hordes!