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  • Samsung Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14 Pro - compared

    Base S23 should be compared with basic iPhone 14 not the Pro but I think AI knows that but did this anyway! 

    The difference in performance, past indications of battery life and pixel density alone make it a class lower! 

    Stop playing!
  • Europe coming after Apple's App Store with Digital Markets Act

    So you agree it’s targeting American Corps by design?
  • Europe coming after Apple's App Store with Digital Markets Act

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said: You make a case for Apple wanting to have its cake and eat it. Of course, mostly that is what Apple does. It's Apple's way or the highway. 
    Apple controls its own IP and product line. That's the way it's supposed to work. Consumers were never limited to only buying an Apple product. 
    If you 'touch' the outside world through App Store commerce you have to abide by whatever consumer regulations are in place. If Apple shut down the store and only shipped first party apps, no doubt there would be no issue at all.

    It's also possible they could make potential buyers sign up to Apple’s policies and formally accept the situation but prior to purchase and having Apple's limitations clearly spelt out to them. That might work although I think spelling the limitations out would actually lead to less sales because the vast majority of buyers are simply unaware that they exist. 
    These laws aren’t meant to protect consumers! These laws are meant to protect EU developers and to punish American big tech for winning? No point in getting wordy.

    how much cheaper are apps going beyond the 99 cent the Apple App Store has pushed them.

    Be honest or at least try to have an open mind.  Do you really agree that a foreign nation (EU) should be able to write a law that only targets American corporations? The gate keeper analogy is bullshit and you know it.  Laws should target behaviors.  

    *This law will basically take IP from American companies and give it away for free to the benefit of none except EU bureaucrats.

    *It will destroy encrypted communication 

    Apple has 3 poor alternatives:

    Comply completely

    Create separate EU products and fight in court

    Leave the EU
  • Apple highlights iPhone 6s 'made in India' in new marketing campaign

    It isn't a question of pride.  Its a question of access.  The Indian government is leveraging access to its markets, and apparently quite successfully.