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  • A tiny chip makes third party iPhone 13 screen repairs nearly impossible

    It’s a much finer line than many are drawing; not as simple as “they’re ripping off consumers by having no repair options/killing right to repair”, or “they are intentionally reaping repair profit”. 

    Has anyone here taken an iPhone to a busy apple store for screen repair?

    I have. And in the 30 minutes waiting for my service, no less than a dozen people walked in with iPhone issues - all after a 3rd-party, unauthorized screen repair. Now, all were denied service. 

    By the measure of the “right to repair” folks, what’s your argument here? Why should apple entertain even touching a device that an unauthorized tech has handled? It’s similar to maintaining custody of evidence. Once someone other than apple tinkered with the device, it’s now the consumers problem. Would you expect apple to agree to take the phone for service? What if the battery was damaged during the 3rd party repair? What about the logic board? Apple has zero, nada, zilch legal requirement to fix the highly sophisticated pocket computer that the kid working the mall kiosk broke. It’s literally that simple. And how can they protect themselves from having to do so? Well, this can be accomplished thru design, and tech. 

    I’m not some apple fanboy, nor am I against the right to repair movement. But I sure don’t expect apple quality from a 3rd-party repair (recall, apples reputation for quality is well above average), nor should I expect apple to fix what was broken by an unauthorized tech. 

    Yes - I know the components in question can be construed as “only there to prevent third party repair”, and maybe they are. But if so, they also protect apple from having to fix the potential damage incurred by an unauthorized technician. And as a consumer and stockholder, I support this. 
  • Apple releases new video detailing App Tracking Transparency

    bluefire1 said:
    Did Apple set a deadline by which all apps must be compatible with IOS 14.5?
    The next iteration of the app a developer submits to Apple for release in App Store must adopt this beginning now; otherwise, it will be rejected. You’ll see popular apps immediately releasing updates in coming hours/days. 
  • Apple releases new video detailing App Tracking Transparency

    You’re not seeing apps notify you - even if you have tracking enabled - because most apps have not yet been updated specifically for iOS 14.5. Each app must include it when it reaches that milestone in its development and release cycle. 

    EDIT: typo; To clarify - when an app releases a version “compatible with iOS 14.5 and later”, it must adhere to the app tracking program moving forward. 
  • Massive Facebook data leak connected to undisclosed 2019 breach

    Honest question: In 2021, who are the people still using Facebook? The answer to that demographic question must be intriguing...
  • Apple earns record $91.8B in first quarter revenue on strong iPhone 11 sales

    apple ][ said:
    Great numbers! 

    I wonder if AAPL continues to rise, will they be doing a split again sometime in the future?
    Would enjoy that myself, but I think they were in the $700+/share last time they split - so I’m feeling like it’s not likely at the current cost.