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  • New Apple Watch Series 6 has blood oxygen sensor & bright new colors

    Anyone see showing their Series 6 wont be here until Sept. 29? WTF? I literally was refreshing the store like a madman and I just got a 44mm aluminum with sport band, nothing exotic. Why will it not be delivering on Friday like every other day one Apple Store purchase I make? This has never happened before. 
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    asdasd said:
    asdasd said:
    asdasd said:
    When they start talking like leninist/marxist we should stop calling them simply "socialists".  There are many paths to controlling the means of production - hers being one of the more popular.
    They aren’t talking like Leninist or Marxists. Her ideas are stupid but well within the historical economic norm in US politics. 
    Warren, Harris, Booker, Sanders and numerous other Democrats running for President are debatably advocating for outright Socialism, Marxism or Communism or variations on a theme. The only Left candidate I’m aware of so far who strongly opposes this drift into insanity is Howard Schultz, of all people (Mike Bloomberg opposes it but isn’t running... plus he’s been both a Democrat and a Republican).
    You have your own version of socialism, Marxism and even monopoly on this thread. 
    Just address the points raised if you something to say. Otherwise I have no use for your comments.
    I have continually addressed those points throughout this thread.

    1) breaking up corporations is not socialist, nor communist. Ted Roosevelt the Republican ran on that very platform more than one hundred years ago. By the way I am not saying I agree with Warren on breaking an tech industry up.
    2) ABI is not socialist or communist either although it may be nuts. Some libertarians support it.
    3) Google is most definitely incredibly dominant in search, as is Amazon  in online retail. Under US law it just has to abuse that power to be considered monopolistic. Thats the criteria, not if people are free to go elsewhere to use minority platforms in these services. 

    The difference between socialism ( if its defined as European social democracy, which is mostly the case) and communism is a as wide as that between the libertarian and mixed economic systems. Unless there are calls to nationalise corporations the ideology isn't communist. 

    At worse the Democratic Party is moving to the centre left economically, from a centre or centre right position. 

    Say what? Are you for real? The Democrats are only moving one way and that’s univerally left. There are VERY few moderates left and you hear almost no Democrats want free market solutions to anything. Add to it the cultural leftism and cultural Marxism and it’s just another sign. 
    steven n.
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    slurpy said:
    jblank said:
    Screw her, AOC, who thinks the country is barely above garbage, and the rest of these collectivist leftists that want to destroy our economic system and many great companies, Apple included.

    The Democrat Party has turned into a race towards Communism. They are radical and have the gas pedal planted to the firewall to see who can go furthest left. I'm surprised they haven't called for gulags and re-education camps for white males yet, I guess that's coming soon though.
    I think the concept of breaking up Apple is utterly idiotic, asinine, and counter-productive, so is your post. Literally not a single word of it is true, full of nothing but hyper-sensationalization, zealotry, and abject lies. Communism? "Destroy" our economic system? Gulags? Re-education? Maybe step out of your insane right-wing bubble for a few moments, you seem a lot more brainwashed than anyone in the "democrat" party.
    Are you kidding me? They're not racing to the left? Really? All of it is true, every word.I didn't say they were calling for gulags, I said I was surprised they haven't called for them. I'm not right wing, I'm a libertarian and I disagree with the right on a laundry list of issues, but you're ignorant or a liar if you think the Dems aren't racing towards government control of as much as they can.
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    bells said:
    Getting bold these Lefties. 
    First set of naming calling. Don’t address the argument just throw out a label.
    That wasn't a label, it's a description (accurate) of where they are politically.
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

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    ItsDeCia said:
    While she’s at it, why not prevent Apple from selling their own accessories in their retail stores too? Since other brands are there, we wouldn’t want Apple to have a competitive advantage in their own store or anything. Smh
    Given the proposal, and that Amazon couldn't sell Amazon Essentials anymore, this is a possibility.
    A scary one. They're just using base emotions against people, playing up jealousy, pitting the "gimme" class against the wealth creators, what used to be called class warfare, demonizing the bourgeoisie. 
    I’m with you up until the wealth creators part. More like wealth hoarders. They fight to keep anyone else from having anything more than they feel they deserve because it takes from what they can get. 

    Companies are beholden to their shareholders. They're under no obligation to give money away anymore than you or I are.