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  • Apple drops new Safari bookmark end-to-end encryption

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    Based on somewhat recent events I'm nearly convinced there's some intense behind-the-scene pressure from various agencies around the world that is leading Apple to compromise privacy plans, whole another big tech is forging ahead anyway and paying the consequences in antitrust actions on two continents. 
    Yeah, let’s all switch to Android/Chrome so we can be safe. Coffee snorted out of my nose when I read your b.s. post
    Except that Chrome let you encrypt Chrome sync data with an separate passphrase. It is embarrassing that Apple is dropping this feature.
    Small correction here: Chrome encrypts sync data anyways, regardless of your choice!

    If you have Chrome installed, check ⋮ → Settings  → Sync and Google services → Encryption options. There isn’t even an option to disable encryption there.
  • LG suspends talks with Apple about selling iPhones at its retail stores

    Beats said:
    …foreign companies sold knockoffs of an American invention…
    Either that statement is correct, or my understanding of the linear nature of time is correct.

    LG Prada.
  • Facebook considers telling users enabling tracking keeps app 'free of charge'

    FoodLover said:

    But when I am with iPhone users within the same network, all iPhone users are constantly sharing my location with Apple. Apple knows exactly who is in the same location with whom, independent of whether the others have an iPhone or not.

     Apple not only collects data about handset activity, but also about handsets nearby. When you use WiFi, the WiFi MAC addresses of other devices on the network are sent to Apple.  When the location toggle is enabled on the handset then the precise GPS location is also included. The WiFi MAC address identifies a device on a WiFi network and so, for example, uniquely identifies your home router, cafe hotspot or office network.  That means Apple can potentially track which people you are near to, as well as when and where. That’s very concerning.

    Even Google doesn’t do this. This is scaring. But Apple fans always believe Apple is the good guy. Read the complete study. Apple and Google collect both data, but what Apple does, does nobody else.

    What Apple collects and what data they use could be two separate things. I imagine they aren't concerned about who is nearby but what routers are nearby for location purposes. I mean, you can enable rotating MAC addresses on your phone rendering the "who is nearby" as imperfect. And I believe it has been on by default since iOS 14 meaning at least 50-70% probably have it turned on.
    But then again, I can only go by what they say, I can't say what they actually do.

    Under Android it is not that easy. And normal people don't have a clue about how to do it.

    The problem is this: I have not authorised Apple to collect my data. In many countries, even the police is not allowed to ask telecom companies for a list of people being within a cell site, for instance to find out who was when where. But a company whose services I’m not using is allowed to collect data on me worldwide without my approval?

    As there is no reason for doing this, I simply have to assume that Apple would potentially misuse the data. And also share it with the respective governments worldwide.

    Even every FB user under iOS will have the choice to not being tracked by FB. But I as someone without an iPhone have no choice to opt out from being tracked by Apple. How sick is this?

    Disclaimer: I do not wish to get into the larger argument. Just pointing out a factual inaccuracy.

    Under Android 10 and later, so a fully patched Galaxy S9 or later, MAC randomisation is enabled by default.
  • Johns Hopkins University students can now use iPhone or Apple Watch as ID

    It’s Apple only at the moment.

    Hear it from the horse’s mouth: JHU Mobile Credentials.