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  • Patent troll sues Apple over Touch ID, Face ID and Apple Card

    This is tiring, like every notable feature Apple has, somebody would claim is already patented. I wonder if Apple already established a "Patent department/team".
  • Epic calls Apple's 'Fortnite' & developer tool block 'overbroad retaliation'

    It's incredible how epic went on with a dick move then plans to keep on using Apple's tools and services, total lack of integrity, and honor. I feel for the developers employed by Epic, I wonder if they support the company's move, which now puts their livelihood at unnecessary risk. 

    There is nothing wrong with entertainment companies, they provide jobs and entertainment.  But I feel no sympathy for this game maker going out of business and I wish they do because a lot of their customers are young people who more often than not are spending more hours than they probably should on entertainment, likely better off spent on something productive.
  • Sleep tracking may be coming to Apple Watch soon

    Like the others, I already use 3rd party sleep tracking solution AutoSleep. I think it's inaccurate though because I don't think it can tell if i'm really sleeping or just still on the bed trying to fall into sleep, but it's good enough for me.

    Since we are also on the topic of wearing watch during sleep, I also love how the alarm in my iPhone is forwarded to my watch, and I can stop it immediately before it annoys my wife more than it should.

    In terms of battery, I charge my watch when I go to shower in the morning, and when I get home from gym after work. I think 1 hour of charging in the morning should be enough already.

    I have S4 44mm.
  • Spotify may gain Siri voice commands soon, despite antitrust battle

    I like this development, I have Apple Music but I'm not happy with it. I like to be able to search for playlists and subscribe when they have songs I like and I can do that with Spotify. I like the Siri integration and that's the only reason I subscribed to AM. It's good to have choices.
  • T-Mobile 'crazy in love' promotion of OnePlus 7 Pro tweeted from iPhone

    She was posing for a photo with her using a OnePlus 7 Pro, how would she have the picture shot if not with her old iphone?