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  • Developer disputes Apple's take on 'FlickType' removal

    I feel for the developer in regards to Apple’s poor developer communications and processes yet again.

    However Apple is allowed to change their guidelines at any time and I think all developers by now should know if you choose to create a product which is really just a feature or extension of the OS, you are likely to get Sherlocked.
  • Initial iFixit teardown of M1 iMac reveals big changes, tiny parts

    The two large metal plates look almost like acoustic chambers for the speakers which would help explain why such small speakers can produce pretty good sound. They would have to cover a large area to provide enough volume for such a thin computer. They could also just be there to strengthen the case but I'm not very convinced about that.
  • Epic expert estimates Apple's App Store profit to be nearly 80%

    Two thoughts are:

    1. It's not a crime or anti-competitive to make any size profit. The issue should never be what percentage Apple charges, businesses should be able to set their own rates and the market decides. Apple should not be forced to set a certain percentage through litigation. Market pressures either from developers not participating on the platform or consumers not buying apps should naturally force Apple to adjust their pricing to be more competitive. In the current market, Apple is pretty much in line with everyone else. Using App Store's so called profit margin as justification to force Apple to lower its rates is just plain wrong. It's not something developers should have any say in. If they don't like it, develop on Android, that's how our market works. You don't get to dictate the profit margins of other businesses just because you don't like it.
    2. Not all the profits from the App Store don't go straight in the back pocket of Apple. I expect a lot of it gets reinvested to develop new hardware, software and services. Seems to be a common theme with these big developers arguing that Apple does very little to justify the profit they make on the App Store. Total rubbish, they continually develop the hardware and software the App Store runs on and that costs a lot of money.

    If Epic win this it's going to set a very bad precedent for many businesses. Suddenly businesses can ignore their contracts and force other businesses to change their rates because they don't like that they make too much money.

    It's crazy how many tech CEOs really have a persecution complex and feel entitled to everything.
  • Spotify, Tile, and Match Group call Apple anticompetitive at Senate hearing

    Any business that builds on top of someone else's platform or technology is vulnerable. That's why Apple likes to own its core technologies. A lot of these companies clearly don't understand this fact.
  • Spotify, Tile, and Match Group call Apple anticompetitive at Senate hearing

    Out of all the people there, Tile sticks out like a sore thumb. Another company simply built a better platform and product, I think that's called competition.

    The Find My network only exists because of the unique position Apple is in as the creator of the hardware and software, this sort of network can't be created by third parties. Consumers shouldn't be denied innovative technologies like this just because third-parties don't like that their being put out of business. They should have already identified they were vulnerable and either developed a competing product, diversified or pivoted to something else. One company shouldn't be able to stop another company from innovating because it hurts their business.