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  • Why the new Mac mini is the perfect home & family computer

    Half the HD space of my mid 2011 budget and half of what I upgraded the RAM to on my own.
    The real insanity is that with the M2 I have to pay as much for adding 256 GB SSD as getting a 2 TB external HD!  That is an 8:1 ratio
    And why do I have to pay as much for adding 256 (256 to 512) as adding 512 (going from 412 to 1TB) !?

  • 24 years after original iMac, there's still big demand for floppies

    At a former workplace I had in 2012 a biorector running NT4 and 3.5" floppys was the only way to get data of the computer. Upgrading to a modern windows would mean a new set of software with a hefty licence cost as well as the cost of the guy configuring the whole thing. That would cost at least ten times as much as just buying a modern computer. About that time I also bought a laser color printer that both needed to have serial interface and drivers for NT4 without the last service pack!

    At an other place we had a BioRad Scintillator to measure radioactivity, it had to be connected to a 8086 computer as the minimum baudrate on 286 was to fast, this was at the time hen the blue and white G3 came out. So there is a lot of old equipment hooked up to really old computers out there that is expensive to replace. At the same time e also had a platereader hooked up to a Mac Plus... :)
  • Rumored 'Mac Studio' and new Apple display leaked in renders

    A Mini should cost less than a PB with similar CPU/GPU. I  still have my G4 tower, that I added faster CPU, USB-2 and SATA to. A Studio does not need that upgradebility but at least the ability to add more disks and RAM would be nice. It still would be less upgradable than my LCII :D

    I do not see a point in a return to the external powerbrick as the earliest minis. I asume that the current mini volume is enough for a M1Pro or M1Max and a PSU, so what is the point in shrinking it and then have an external brick?
  • Three new Macs revealed in EEC regulatory filings

    I am aware of the step 1&2 with the iMac and Probooks and I assume that the mac Pro tower will go 1&2 in one go as well. The step one and later step two model seem to pertain to the Air and Mini. 
  • Three new Macs revealed in EEC regulatory filings

    An M2 macmini as a low end and no new high end mini? That would look strange with a Intel CPU still being the top end model!
     A new or two new minis with M1pro and M1Max would make more sense (or M2pro/max). Anyhow a lineup that topple the Intel one.

    I remember the 68k to PPC transition and the first generation was just Quadras with a new CPU. The second generation added PCI slots USB and all that new stuff in a new box design.

    The PPC to Intel had the same two step pattern with CPU first and box and features at the second step.

    Now we have the third CPU transition from Intel to  AS/Mx. First the CPU transfers to current boxes and features last year. Now it is time to take step number two with what ever they are upgrading next month.