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  • The worst Apple designs by Jony Ive, according to the AppleInsider staff

    My "hitlist" (and it seems, apple really can't do with mice):
    • The "puck mouse". Enough said.
    • Magic Mouse 1+2. Yes I'm using the Magic Mouse 1 and it looks very sexy. But it's not that ergonomic like the Mighty Mouse or any othe Apple Mouse were (except the puck mouse of course). The Mighty Mouse 2 and it's charging port is another story...
    • Mighty Mouse. Absolutely comfortable, ergonomic, with the long expected different buttons and a scroll...aeh...ball. At the one hand one of the best mice apple ever did on the other hand the third worse mouse because of this scroll ball that sticks after some months of use and is hard/impossible to clean. If that mouse would have had a touch-scroll feature, I would still use it
    • Apple Pencil in combination with charging it. Remove the hood, don't loose it, plug it to your iPad and put it somewhere noone can touch this fragile combination
    • Smart Battery Case for iPhone. If you don't know it, google for it. Defenetively a design fail! By the way...the LED indicator for that battery is on the inside!
    • iPod Shuffle, 3rd Generation. Operated by three buttons at the earbuds cable. No alternative earbuds and a really high learning curve for getting used to the button combinations. That's okay, but not apple-like.
    • AirPods. In my optinion: This earbuds with cut-off cable really don't look that fantastic!
    • MacBook 12" (2015). Thinner and lighter. But only two USB-C-Ports to rule them all. So the MacBook in your laptop case will be smaller and lighter, but you will need to buy a bigger case for alle the adapters and USB-Hubs
    • Mac Pro (2013). Powerful and "very expandable". But there doesnt's remain very much of it's sexyness when you really use it.This picture says it all ;-) http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zHBevoeLm58/Udm2mcIuV1I/AAAAAAAAAs8/b-rGKJ_ibOo/s640/Mac-Pro+2013+vs+2012.png