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  • Apple TV+ cancels 'High Desert' after only one season

    JP234 said:
    cpsro said:
    Too bad a show that so thoroughly breaks stereotypes gets cancelled while shows like Succession--loaded with uninspired f-bombs--are so popular and get renewed.  (Yes, I know Succession isn't Apple TV+ and has finally ended.)
    Succession was fucking fantastic. One of the best written shows in memory with excellent acting and effective drama. Swearing is ok because people actually swear. 
    I watched roughly 60 seconds of the first episode of Succession, but I had to quit after the 20th F*&%ty, F*&%ty, F*&%, F*&%, F*&%.
    If you took the F word out of that episode I bet it would have run about 3 minutes.
    Not enough swearing for an accurate depiction of New Yorkers if you ask me. However, The Hallmark Channel is currently showing Christmas movies in July if boring, unrealistic, sugar-coated portrayals of wholesome whitebread is your thing.
  • Apple TV+ 'Shrinking' starring Harrison Ford & Jason Segal streams January 27

    mrglass86 said:
    Umm Harrison Ford is starring in 1923 which airs in December. Where did the author of this post get the “first non-cameo television role since 1978's "The Star Wars Holiday Special."” line?
    According to Wikipedia Ford joined the cast of Shrinking in April 2022 and joined the cast of 1923 in May 2022. Production for Shrinking also began in April with pre-production for 1923 not beginning until July 2022.
  • New Apple Watch study aims to cut blood thinner use by AFib patients

    markbvt said:
    michelb76 said:
    Why are blood thinners so expensive in the USA?
    It must depend on the blood thinner. Coumadin, aka Warfarin, is cheap, like a few dollars for a month's supply.

    Warfarin is cheap, yes. It also requires frequent blood testing which means frequent doctor visits for lab tests (every few days or weekly in the beginning and then every 2 to 4 weeks once the dose is stable). I was also told it is harder to stop bleeding if you cut yourself than other anticoagulants. It wasn't hard for me to decide that the extra $$$ was worth it.
  • How Apple could approach a folding iPhone

    tundraboy said:
    I'd much prefer they apply flexible screen technology on large flat screen TVs so you can fold or roll those monstrosities and hide them when they're not in use.
    This already exists.
  • Netflix to launch ad-supported tier when it cracks down on password sharing

    What I want to know is this... When watching a show on ad-free Hulu, one can tell where the commercials would be placed by a half second pause where the screen goes black. If commercials weren't a thing it would seem like bad editing. Netflix shows generally do not have these brief pauses, which makes some of their shows feel more cinematic or similar to an HBO show. I would even argue that it elevates the quality of a show. So... Would a commercial based Netflix plan just start playing ads at random? Would it be like how a YouTube video gets suddenly interrupted at the most inconvenient mid-sentence interval? Will Netflix start adding brief pauses to future programming?