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  • Phone encryption debate will reignite over attempted Trump assassination

    Starting now
  • Phone encryption debate will reignite over attempted Trump assassination

    *deleted conspiratorial nonsense*
    I cannot emphasize this enough right now. DO NOT post conspiratorial nonsense that hasn't been stated by any news organization. We will shut this thread down soooo fast.

    If I have to ask an individual more than once, they will face a ban.

    Keep discussions civil, about Apple and encryption. Thank you.
  • ChatGPT for Mac app logged queries in an unencrypted file before getting caught

    Er, isn’t the author conflating sandboxing and encryption? 
    jfabula1 said:
    Hmmmm, Elon is right about open AI???. Be careful out there.
    Anilu_777 said:
    OpenAI just didn’t sandbox their app??? Who the f is coding it and who will take full responsibility?? Glad I’ve got a 14 Pro Max and won’t deal with this crap. 
    That's not how any of this works. The ChatGPT app on macOS has nothing to do with the ChatGPT handoff that occurs thanks to the company's partnership. Apple Intelligence is made by Apple, powered by Apple Silicon on device or in an Apple-run server. If a user sends a query to ChatGPT from their device, it is with explicit permission and through a separate service channel that doesn't log IP, the query, or any attached data.

    BTW, encryption and sandboxing are very separate things but can work together. When ChatGPT updated their app, note that the data storage location didn't change. ChatGPT didn't opt into sandboxing. Instead, it chose to encrypt the data in place. All sandboxing is is a permission structure where data is siloed into different places associated with the app that created it and you have to have permission to hand data between silos. ChatGPT didn't and still doesn't silo its data. It's just there open for anyone to get, but now it is at least encrypted.
  • ChatGPT for Mac now available for everyone

    elijahg said:
    AppleInsider said:

    ChatGPT for Mac now available for everyone

     The app works with macOS Sonoma or later on Macs with M-series processors.

    So every single person with an Intel Mac has upgraded to an Mx Mac have they, Wesley?
    Yep, because by "everyone" I clearly meant every Mac ever. PowerPC too. Why not. Especially since I totally didn't explain "everyone" in the second paragraph.
  • Elon Musk's latest anti-Apple tirade is about a ChatGPT feature that doesn't exist

    Xed said:
    gatorguy said:
    omasou said:
    He’s POed b/c Apple found a way to kneecap X.AI’s monetization model.

    Bet MS/OpenAI pay Apple like Google does for search b/c data sent to ChatGPT 4 will help train their models.
    Data from Apple devices will not be used to train OpenAI’s models.  If it did, then Musk would have a point.  You don’t want queries and supporting information that pertains to you’d business secrets being added to a 3rd-party commercial LLM model.  And so Apple’s deal with OpenAI explicitly excludes that capability. 
    Does it include anonymized and aggregated user data collections, which Apple does not consider to be "user data" anymore and is not covered by Apple privacy policies, or just personally identifiable data? I don't remember that question being answered, but perhaps it has been. To be clear I would have no issue with the former being shared if it improves the overall results.
    I'm not sure radarthekat understands what omasou is saying. As soon as you say you want to use ChatGPT ten OpenAI will have access to those queries and requests to use to train their system, regardless of how well Apple anonymizes the originator. OpenAI could be paying Apple to be the default just as Alphabet pays Google for internet search. I think we're on the same page here.
    Actually no, Apple has locked OpenAI into this agreement from a legal standpoint. *By Law* OpenAI can't keep any data sent to it by Apple devices. No files, no queries, no IP. Nothing. It is all tossed.