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  • Apple must face UK complaint that its App Store commission is unfair

    I used to be a low-level exec with a national retailer. Thirty percent is not much, they should go after jewelers if they really are concerned about price hikes and gouging customers. If you ever saw the actual cost of a piece of jewelry compared to retail you'd probably be upset. Markups of 125% are not uncommon.
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  • macOS Monterey 12.3.1 now available with Bluetooth & external display fixes

    Shows up on my Intel machines but not on any M1 Max MBP. 
  • EU will force Apple & Google to allow third-party app stores, payment services

    What is Vestager's definition of a "fair marketplace"?
    Is it "fair" if there is equal opportunity to enter the market and compete? Or, is she wanting "fair" in terms of outcome? Because from where I have been sitting for the last 30 years I have been in IT, the marketplace is already pretty fair. Good, quality products and software tend to do well and poor quality products and software tend to go away. I have not read the Act yet, but if I go from what appears to be her rationale and thinking, then I should be able to go to my Audi dealer here in Germany and demand that I be allowed to have a VW Infotainment system installed.

    While I have just relocated from the US to Europe and would hate to see Apple leave, there are times when I want to agree with those who call for US tech firms to leave the EU. It sometimes feels to me that the EU sees US tech companies as a piggy bank to subsidize the EU. Where I am in Germany, internet access is worse than in some third-world countries that I have been in. I was slightly surprised to learn that Deutsche Telekom continues to install copper rather than fiber cable. Given the rising cost of copper and the economic and future benefits of fiber, I have not been able to come up with a business case where this makes sense in the long run.

    I hope there are some technology-savvy people working in Vestager's team and not a bunch of dinosaurs whose experience with tech is limited to knowing how to use Outlook and a web browser. Unfortunately, from what I have seen come out of her office the past three years I would bet on the dinosaurs.
  • Apple delivers Safari 15.1 beta for macOS Big Sur and Catalina

    For me tabs aren't the problem. It's speed. It's so sloooow. Sites like AppleInsider and CNN will bring Safari to a stop. Every time I open AppleInsider, after about a minute, I get the banner that the site is consuming a lot of memory and performance may improve by closing it. Changing tabs can cause it to be unresponsive for 15 to 60 seconds. A lot of sites, like my banking and government pages where you need to fill out info online, are broken and I have to use Edge or Firefox.

    IMHO, Safari 15 is a disaster.
  • Apple hit with patent infringement lawsuit for selling a smart water bottle

    After just reading the initial few pages of the lawsuit, I think they need to find a new lawyer. Employs 'thousands of people..." Would that be 1,000, 10,000, 100,000? Pretty imprecise language for a legal document. As Mknelson pointed out, these are also sold by Amazon, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond in my area. So claiming patent infringement on one retailer, while apparently being alright with the company manufacturing and selling the product through other retail channels likely means the only winner here is the lawyer.