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  • Meta leaks its AR four-year plan before Apple can beat them

    Grabbing some popcorn... curious to see how the VR wars play out once Apple steps into the arena...

    Clarification on the code names:

    Stinson Beach is a popular beach town in Marin County, Northern California, north of San Francisco and Facebook's HQ in Menlo Park, often shortened to just "Stinson" by locals. Marin County could be considered the northernmost part of the "tech region" of California. (Apologies to Santa Rosa and Sacramento.)

    Ventura is a beach town in the Los Angeles area, several hours south of Stinson Beach.

    La Jolla is also a coastal town, in the San Diego area a few hours south of Ventura, which is the southernmost part of the tech region and California itself.
  • SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade review: Fast, but an answer to a question nobody is asking

    Because I and some colleagues were so curious about the possibility of M2 supporting 20Gbps USB Gen 2x2, I actually got ahold of a Sandisk Extreme PRO Gen 2x2 SSD V2 (1TB) which advertises 20Gbps speeds, and took it to the Apple Store today. Sadly, I found the M2 Max MBP 16" only showed 10Gbps speeds on this Gen 2x2 SSD.

    I trust Mike's results on the PRO-BLADE Transport that showed 20Gbps speeds, so I wonder if the USB chip in the Transport reader is more of a USB4 chip, compared to the chips used in the older Extreme PRO V2 drive from 2021? Another reviewer actually claimed 30Gbps speeds with the PRO-BLADE on an M2 Air, which is strange but might lend credence to the USB4 hypothesis... (unless they accidentally tested their internal SSD rather than the PRO-BLADE like I accidentally did in one of my test runs today!)

    In any case I'd have to agree with Mike that Gen 2x2 remains a bit of a mess, and focusing more on USB4 (not to mention Thunderbolt) seems ultimately for the best.

    Testing methodology: Sandisk Extreme PRO V2 1TB purchased 2/19/23 from local Best Buy store, model # SDSSDE81-1T00.
    Cables: both included Sandisk USB-C cable (unmarked), and OWC 0.7m Thunderbolt 3 Passive Cable CBATB-002-070A.
    Computers: M2 Air 13" 8GB, M2 Pro MBP 14" 16GB, M2 Max MBP 16" 32GB, all on macOS Ventura 13.2.1 at the Apple Store.
    Testing Apps: Amorphous DiskMark 4.0(41) and Blackmagic Disk Speed Test 3.4.2, both with default settings.
  • Apple making the case that Apple Silicon Mac & iPhone are great gaming machines

    great to see that Apple is putting some resources into promoting gaming on their platforms.
  • Future Mac Pro may use Apple Silicon & PCI-E GPUs in parallel

    Very interesting.

    Optional GPU expansion card(s) augmenting the M2 Ultra’s integrated GPU is the only way I can see an Apple Silicon Mac Pro truly matching or exceeding the capabilities of the current Intel Mac Pro’s dual Radeon Pro W6900X GPU option. At this point my guess would be such an expansion card would use an Apple GPU rather than AMD, but we’ll see. 

    Thus I think something like this will likely come with the new Mac Pro this year. Very cool to see that indeed Apple is working on this kind of thing. 
  • SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade review: Fast, but an answer to a question nobody is asking

    B&H shows this hooked up to binder camera equipment, which is very enticing to me being a videographer. Really wondering/hoping this gets supported by Blackmagic and their Pocket Cinema Cameras because this seems like a really good workflow idea. Pricing isn’t bad either for what you’re getting.
    Yes, exactly, offering an alternative solution for digital video camera cards is exactly what this product seems intended for. 

    2TB CFexpress camera cards with similar read/write speeds range in price from $600 - $1000, with one currently on sale at B&H for $400. This Sandisk PRO-BLADE 2TB Mag at $230 is a bargain in comparison.