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  • Spotify HiFi one-ups Apple Music with lossless audio streams

    Neil Young had the right idea. But there's more than the resolution of the music source involved.  Had those people making the comparison been people who typically listen to music performed on natural instruments (acoustic), and who listen with discernible ear using high dollar reproduction equipment, these are the conditions where the difference is very definitely heard. Personally, I use AirPods Max during the day while I'm at my desk - they sound really good and they're certainly convenient. But I listen to Qobuz high res music via a BlueSound Node 2i source to a STAX headphone (ear speaker) system for serious music listening. There IS a difference.

    One other point, expense wise there are people who spend big dollars on tricking out their car audio systems. Hey .. That's what they love .. Cool!  It's no different for those of us who spend the big bucks on classical / jazz home music systems. That's what we love. That's cool too.
  • Oura Ring review: a good complement to the Apple Watch

    I don't get enough sleep at night. I bought one of these. It tells me each morning how much sleep I got, how much of it was rem sleep, how much was deep sleep, and how much was light sleep. The app explains the relationship and importance of the proper amount of each. It also cautions you on what to watch out for in your activities during the day based on your sleep data. I take naps during the day to make up for the lost sleep at night. With the app I can add up the nap times and night sleep time to make sure I always get my 7 to 8 hours every 24 hours.

    When first I started having sleep problems, the one big mystery was the figuring out how much real sleep I was actually getting each night. Of all the apps and approaches I've taken, this ring with its app is the only method I've found that can tell me what I need to know so I can figure out what to do to make things better.

    One thing I appreciate about it, especially in these days of coronavirus, is if I don't feel all that great on a given day, I can cycle through the past few days of data to see if any trends are showing up. It's comforting to have this information available on demand.

    Every few days my watch pops up with a message saying I should charge up my ring before going to bed. It just takes a little while (I haven't timed it). The charger light slowly cycles until the ring is fully charged then it goes into steady state.