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  • Data shows 62% of Apple TV+ subscribers are on a trial, most don't plan to renew

    Personally, I have no issue paying for it. I find no other site has as high a percentage of appealing shows relative to the size of their library. I'm lucky enough to be able to pay for several subscription streams for the limited number of shows on each that give me pleasure, but if I were forced to choose Apple TV would certainly not be the first to go. I think Lasso and Dickinson are brilliant, love Mythic Quest and Little America,  and greatly enjoy For All Mankind, The Morning Show, and Trying. The documentaries are often stunning or at least quite good. And I haven't even gotten around to trying Tehran, Losing Alice, Defending Jacob, or Servant yet. Worth five bucks? Absolutely.  Could I zip through them all?  Sure, but that's not how I prefer to watch and given the other shows I watch on other streaming sites, Apple's shows carry me across a good amount of time.  That could change, but that holds true for all the streaming sites depending on what individual shows they add and drop.  Some offer a multitude of shows, but none offer me a multitude of captivating shows--it's just a few for each.  A Schitt's Creek, Derry Girls, and Kim's Convenience here,  a Mandalorian and Marvel show there, A Game of Throne and Westworld over there.  No matter the shows though, it seems obvious Apple isn't competing with Netflix or Disney, so any comparison to those is missing the point (not to mention that any comparison to Netflix, which has for the first time I believe started making more than it owes, is also missing a very big aspect)

    That said, it's obviously just my opinion. I always find it somewhat humorous, not to mention befuddling, how people make definitively objective pronouncements about things that are inherently subjective. Entertainment is not objective. There isn't "mediocre" content on TV+; there is content that doesn't appeal to you. That it doesn't does not mean it is objectively mediocre or bad or uninteresting.  Just as just because I consider Lasso brilliant doesn't mean someone is "wrong" or "foolish" if they don't see it the same way. Just like with food, I'd be leery of declaring something "bad" just because you don't like it.