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  • Apple investigating RISC-V instruction set architecture, job listing shows

    the whole industry does (at least bigger dogs do)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro announcement event is on September 22

    likely a week after Apple announces the new iPad - I mean, who cares? why don't they announce it in like March or before Christmas, why at the same time as Apple? Exactly in the Danger Zone! :D
  • Tim Cook wants to debut one more big product category before he retires

    Hi everyone, I won't be popular! :D I agree it can't come soon enough. I'm hoping for a more original, more natural Apple where products and users are more(?only!) important than investors and political propaganda and where instead of quota, talent will be the first and only aspect to hire people (THIS is REAL equality), to sell music, to support education. In moral point of view Cook destroyed Apple slowly but surely. It has lost neutrality, credibility, trust (the most recent one), consumer value and creativity (like no more hair jokes from the clown on duty, please!). I had to vomit when they removed Scott Forstall and couldn't stop it since then. I can not believe Steve wanted this... something as a CEO. I still believe it had to be a putsch in the background. Obviously Apple is still near on top but taking everything into account its position is.. well, increasingly decreasing! :D If none other, because of quota-hiring they'll decline in this decade with light speed (software-wise it has been started since a while and I don't even count butterfly keyboards etc). They are lucky Steve's Apple's last gift for the world (in-house chips) has been fruited but this advantage won't last for long, Apple has to completely renew itself in a max of 5 years. Remove the (bad) actor (the sooner the better, ~10 more years would be like a never-ending nightmare!). Be brave and proud again, not a fake money factory that's most important role is to distribute western propaganda and now censorship + interception. I'd also welcome Craig's resignment, that guy is horrendous especially how he loves himself and his TERRIBLE hair. If rumors are true he isn't even talented but is instead a good, controllable soldier. The last 10 years were a horror for those who liked the original Apple and not the dream-castle some are imagining into it.