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  • Fox Sports Go app for Apple TV lets viewers watch four games simultaneously

    "Watchin' a little TV for a change?"
  • Future iPhones might collect fingerprints, photos of thieves

    ireland said:

    Wouodn't it be great if Apple had a department who phoned the registered owner of the phone in this scenario to check somehow if their phone was stolen or missing before proceeding to the next level?

    ...Call them on what? The missing phone?
  • Future iPhones might collect fingerprints, photos of thieves

    Last year, for reasons I can't explain, I completely forgot my passcode. Something about my brain screwing up the order of the numbers and trying to second-guess my muscle memory caused me to enter the wrong code over 10 times. When I finally remembered the right sequence, I was able to unlock my now-wiped phone. Didn't lose any data, restored everything from backup, invented a new code so I wouldn't fall into that rut ever again, and no it's like nothing ever happened. It was just an accident, the phone never left my person. But with this, TouchID enabled or not, my face and fingerprint would now be on file with law enforcement, even though I no criminal record whatsoever. Just because I caught a bad case of the stupid one night. I hope this is another copyright-and-bury patent that Apple filed explicitly to prevent anyone from doing such an NSA thing.
  • Siri's voice to benefit from machine learning improvements in Apple's iOS 10

    Every now and then I notice how Siri's voice overall has been improving little by little. This would be even better, as it could lead way to injecting emotion into a response (cheerfulness, laughter, concern, comfort, etc.) depending on the situation.
  • Former Apple Watch engineer talks Apple design culture, secrecy, more in interview

    Of course Apple is different now. The Steve Jobs Apple has been replaced by the Tim Cook Apple, even normal people can tell the difference. Some changes have been good and some have been bad. But it is unarguable that Apple has remained successful. And it's actually a good thing every time we see evidence of a focus on customer feedback. You can go too far with customer control, and end up like Microsoft, but that doesn't appear to be a problem that Apple has. They still see themselves as their own best customer. And while listening to us yammer on about how we know how to single-handedly "fix" Apple, they're also listening to themselves and making what they know are the best decisions for everyone including the company.